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We Deliver Action and Results

Our advanced analytics find hidden patterns in sales data to:
- Find leads like the best customers
- Predict which customers will buy when
- Identify at-risk customers
Then we deliver “next step” actions to sales reps so they can respond.

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Apps for B2B Sales & Marketing

Valgen helps sales and marketing to get more from existing investments in Salesforce.com, customer data and their sales teams, through CRM apps as well as consulting services that deliver strategic insights to improve the sales process.

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Salesforce.com Certified Partner

Our products and services are completely integrated with Salesforce.com.

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Featured Products and Services

Lead Generation

Quite simply, you need more leads likely to become profitable customers. You need to find them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our cfLEAD app for Salesforce uses lead scoring and lead filtering. But beyond typical lead scoring apps, it also uses predictive modeling to identify leads most likely to convert.

Leads from cfLEAD significantly outperform previous processes. cfLEAD has improved lead conversion by 40% while at the same time reducing lead gen cost by 15%.

Subscription Renewal

Subscription and contract renewals are the lifeblood of retaining customer revenue.

The cfSUBS app for Salesforce predicts whether a contract is likely to be renewed and if so, when. Then information is presented within Salesforce to help reps proactively review, analyze and engage customers to ensure that renewals are captured successfully.

Customer Call Timing

Less active customers can quietly slip away – they reduce percentage of spend or stop buying altogether. However, significant revenue and profits can still be gained from them.

What if you had a crystal ball that told when every customer is ready to buy?

cfTIME makes that easy within Salesforce by bringing customer data and predictive modeling together with a few simple clicks. Sales reps can call the right customers at the right time for a sale.

What Our Customers Say next prev

  • Valgen delivered 70% fewer duplicates while improving lead conversion by 40%. This absolutely drives our competitive advantage and speed to market.

    Dave Brown, Vice President of Inside Sales, Fleetmatics

  • Valgen has breadth and depth of experience in predictive analytics and Salesforce. They have helped us to increase revenue from our sales and marketing efforts.

    Michael Gaard, President, Itasca Marketing