Visualize At-Risk Accounts In Salesforce

Published on August 1, 2016

Losing track of customer interaction is the worst fear of every sales rep and sales…

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Boost Call Center Productivity

5 Ways to Boost Call Center Productivity with Visual CRM Tools

Published on October 21, 2014

Call centers are all about balancing transactions and relationships. On a daily basis, they are…

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Customer Retention Tools

How Sales Can Stay on Top of the Customer Buying Cycle

Published on January 16, 2012

In this post we look at solving the critical business problem of managing the customer…

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Metrics ROI

How to Fix Limitations of Customer Life Stage Groups

Published on August 2, 2011

Customer life stage is the standard bearer of segmentation. Customer stages like “new,” “active,” “lapsed”…

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Customer Retention

Three tips to making the difficult calls to B2B customers

Published on June 28, 2011

This post was inspired by a recent discussion on The Sales Blog about how it’s easy…

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Customer Retention: It’s Not Too Late to Catch That Pass

Published on January 29, 2011

I was rooting for our hometown Chicago Bears team in the NFC championship game last Sunday…

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“One and Dones” – The mystery of disappearing leads

Published on December 23, 2010

Your lead generation machine is working tirelessly to bring in new leads and appointments. Marketing…

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Why “call often” is like “one size fits all” — usually not the best fit for customers

Published on November 18, 2010

We’ve heard phrases like “call often,” “call everybody,” and “call until you get an order”…

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SDI:CHICAGO World Premiere Episode: When 80% of customers bring 20% of revenue, how to call most productively?

Published on September 25, 2010

SDI:CHICAGO First Screen
A case study story about how to use predictive analytics to make the most of sales data. This {fictional} company grappled with how to be productive in contacting the 80% of customers who produce 20% of revenue.

What did they do? Watch the episode!

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