cfMAPP Goes Salesforce1 Mobile

October 7, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Within one month of release on the AppExchange, Valgen’s cfMAPP reached a key milestone by getting Salesforce1 Mobile approval. We’re proud to join the apps that have this recognition. Because cfMAPP is designed for visualization and call planning with high-volume sales organizations, you might ask why do we need to be Salesforce1 Mobile ready?

First, we loved mastering the Salesforce1 platform and wanted to push ourselves to achieve this goal early. We are among only 20% of Salesforce apps that have been Salesforce1 certified as of today. We are aware of global trends that users are increasingly accessing apps via mobile — which is a top reason why mobile internet usage is going up — per a recen Comscore report. We want to be where our users are.

Second, we knew that building mobile will also enhance the browser-based software development. We got inspired to move from bulky text-based buttons to recognizable, crisp renditions of symbols and images that are familiar to our users. So mobile is informing browser-based user experiences. It also led us to think about the navigation from screen-to-screen, and how to work on external services like web search while letting the user still be in control. And did I say we were having fun with all types of devices lined up the whole width of the conference table! Laptops, smartphones, tablets … we played with cfMAPP on all of them.

Third, and reflecting our user focus, we wanted to allow both inside sales and field sales within the same organization to collaborate on accelerating business development. While inside sales will gather a lot of info quickly, field sales can use cfMAPP to selectively research further into high-potential accounts, use the mapping feature to scout local areas, and then get directions to plan visits.

As we get feedback, we’ll post more Use Cases of how our customers are integrating cfMAPP Mobile in their sales process, to paraphrase Salesforce, to “run business from their phone.”