CRM trends to watch in 2011

December 12, 2010 - 3 minutes read

CRM Trends in 2011
Web 2.0 Acceleration:
If it wasn’t clear before, we now absolutely live in an instantaneous and interconnected world that our CRM processes must reflect. Growth of open CRM systems, particularly “as a service” platforms will accelerate to leverage social, mobile and global dimensions of essentially the same issue of managing and facilitating customer relationships. Self-serve will gain more prominence as technology makes it easier to facilitate cross-communication among customers.

Integration of Data:’s launch of will trigger a new trend towards taking the PAIN out of everything data-related: creating, consolidating, cleansing, appending and extracting intelligence. The idea is bring all these functions into one place, including applying domain expertise. You could argue that benefits might be limited to a particular platform, but this phenomenon will gain momentum as more CRM systems “open-up” as well.

Embedded BI/predictive actions: Insights are good, but actions are better because ultimately they drive revenue, save costs or increase margins. Companies already invested in CRM will seek to get more out of it by increasing high value analytic content and driving consistent actions across and within all channels. With analytic integration further facilitated by tools such as predictive modeling markup language (PMML), the latency from data to actions will decline dramatically.

Micro-Analytics: Let’s hit singles. That’s the message we are hearing from many of our clients: understand and solve a key problem critical to success of our major initiative(s). Prospecting and lead generation, new product launch, multi-channel adoption and category penetration are some areas we are asked to solve specific challenges. And it is understandable, given the pressure to show results fast it is difficult to address a number of problems or prepare infrastructure to so do.

Sales productivity gains: Companies while cash-rich, continue to balance growth with investments as the economy rebounds, more in some sectors than others. To run lean for sometime as the painful experiences of the recent recession linger means driving productivity gains. Specific applications targeted to gaining productivity in all aspects of CRM (such as Gartner’s classification of Salesforce Automation, Field Management, Marketing and Customer Service) will become more prominent.

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