Custom Map Views

September 28, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Mapping is a major part of our lives, in fact 81% of US Consumers use maps on a regular basis.  When you think about it, without maps there would be no GPS, Uber or Pokémon Go.  This sounds terrifying right?  Our dependency on maps has become so second nature that we don’t even realize it, but it is clear that without mapping we would be lost.

One of the details that make maps interactive and fun is what they look like.  Some maps show street views and mountain ranges, but what we forget is WHAT we see is dependent on HOW we see.  ProsperVue now offers 9 different map views to enhance HOW you see WHAT you need. Customize the look of your Salesforce Map. From greyscale map views to Satellite views, making specific map features stand out (e.g. landmarks, roadways) helps bring your data to life.  ProsperVue’s custom map views let you customize the base ESRI map.


Different types of maps offer different perspectives when searching for leads and prospects in ProsperVue. Remove clutter, customize your map view or simply draw attention to certain map features.

Field sales people can see different routes and different ways to get around while on the road, and recognize buildings to use as landmarks.


Inside Sales can become more engaged with customers and know what’s in their state, county or even their home town.  Connecting more with how the customer lives and works helps close more deals.


Being able to determine how you view information is key to unlocking new insights.  With 9 different custom map views there is no limit to how you see your data.


By Blair Fleming, Marketing Coordinator