Fleetmatics accelerates salesforce
pipeline through better data


Industry: Technology

Location: Chicago, IL

“Valgen has tremendous depth of capabilities and expertise to suit our complex needs. They always deliver.”

 - Angie Henkel, Senior Manager of Business Analytics


Fleetmatics, a Verizon company is a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions. Their solutions enable small to enterprise businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing local fleets, and improve the productivity of their mobile workforces.


The Challenge

  • •  Fleetmatics needed a database to support a YoY 30% growth rate
  • •  63% of Leads were being closed due too Invalid, Incomplete, Incorrect reasons
  • • The client needed to standardize lead generation data and the way their sales engine was conducted


Why Valgen?

  • • Inside Sales focused, Valgen offered the only pure all-in-one data solution that offered a multi-step process to completely overhaul the Fleetmatics salesforce CRM.
  • •  Valgen was able to standardize critical and missing data from diverse sources and apply new practices to every aspect of the sales pipeline, from sales and marketing to customer support.
  • •  Able to transition Salesforce to become a functional tool, instead of a place that housed data


The Result 

  • • Complete Salesforce revamp including; cross-object deduping, fuzzy matching, duplicate reduction, tagging master and subordinates for rep assignment, applying rules on fields and records, and more.
  • • Clean database acquisition and growth took Fleetmatics from 500K to 3.3M in revenue in 4 years
  • • Enriched database with new leads through the smart purchasing of new data.
  • • On average, 11% of data related to Industry was added from 2011 to 2015

ProsperVue Features Used