Next Level Location-Based Lead Generation

September 21, 2016 - 2 minutes read

next-level-location-basedCompanies have been purchasing leads the same way for years, making the current state of lead generation across industries focused on the traditional ways of getting new leads, which include, List buying & List swaps, LinkedIn, Marketing efforts, and Cold calling.

While these methods are common ways for sales teams to get new leads, most of them are ineffective.  Constantly feeding the sales engine is extremely important, but throwing more and more leads into the sales process and hoping for a sale is antiquated.  Once companies face the truth about sales leads, the more they will discover that the secret for better sales doesn’t lie in the quantity of leads, but rather the ability to self-source high quality and highly-targeted leads.

Location-Based Lead Generation

Companies can maximize sales by enabling each sales person to self-source their own leads.  This will empower salespeople with the ability to target ideal customers in their territories.  All of this can be done with location-based lead generation in Salesforce.

For inside sales people, this means being able to find new leads related to current customers

For marketers, this means no more list buying.  Will now be able to create custom lists for their campaigns by territory, region, or proximity to event venues.

For executives, this means cost effective lead generation and more streamlines purchasing process and time savings.

With location-based lead generation, salespeople can get more high-quality leads. Sales people no longer have to wait for new leads and they don’t have to spend countless hours tracking down new business on the web.


Start taking control of your pipeline. Start thinking differently about the way you treat lead generation and enable salespeople to not only consume leads, but to generate them as well.

Unlock location-based lead generation in Salesforce to help sales sell more.  ProsperVue provides a map-based user experience that offers seamless import and export of records within Salesforce.

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