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Ensuring the Success of
Einstein Implementation

Einstein Transforms
Your Business

If you think Einstein is simply a BI tool that runs inside Salesforce … think again. It is truly designed from the ground up as a productivity tool for any user to take definitive actions in any Salesforce Cloud. Whether you are a marketing campaign manager, an account executive or a customer service rep, Einstein's embedded analytics:

• Empower everyone, all end users

• Bring the data to you, rather than you looking for the data

• Infuse insights within the flow of business processes

• Facilitate confident actions based on predictions

• Enable an intelligent experience for your customer



Valgen's Einstein Implementation Focus


We deliver consulting in these Salesforce Clouds as a trusted advisor in high techautomotive/fleet, and B2B retail industries:

• Sales:  Opportunity Insights, Account Insights, Lead Scoring, Activity Capture, Forecasting

• Service:  Supervisor Insights

• Marketing:  Segmentation, Journey Insights, Recommendations

• Commerce:  Commerce Insights, Recommendations

Our services ensure that Einstein is embedded in your day-to-day decision-making:

• Data:  Cleanse, transform and enrich industry-specific data

• Analytics:  Advanced modeling and fine-tuning through our advanced analytics team with domain expertise


Get on the Fast Track


When you get Einstein, you have the data and users already in your core Salesforce Org. With our 90-Day Fast Track implementation, we leverage Einstein's pre-built templates, apps and data integrations to get you up and running quickly.

What is the 90-Day Fast Track program?

– Data assessment and readiness

– Creation of tailored use cases for your org

– Define measurement and success criteria

– Implementation and configuration of Einstein

– User roll-out, training and adoption

The result: High adoption and utilization to achieve the fastest time to ROI.


Our Einstein Success Program


We take an urgent approach to get you started within 90 days, and we also back that up with a long-term commitment.

That’s why we build on the 90-day Fast Track with a one-year Einstein Success Program (“ESP”). After you are up and running, we map out the next steps to maximize your investment in Einstein.

In the Advance phase we customize use cases and reports, add functionality for users, and maintain data integrity.

In the Accelerate phase we improve data and predictive algorithms, refine business processes, and make Einstein valuable for decision-making by every user in the organization.

Why Choose Valgen as Your Einstein Implementation Partner


The success of an intelligence solution needs several components:

• Proven data quality practices to lay the right foundation

• Domain expertise to build effective models and use cases

• Salesforce/Einstein advanced accreditation consultants

Valgen is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner with knowledge and skills unique to implementing Einstein. Our sole focus is advanced analytics. We have an in-house, inter-disciplinary team of admins, AI/statistical developers and data quality experts working together on your project.

And if you are in high tech, automotive/fleet or B2B retail, we speak your language.

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