Big New Costs for Salesforce Apps Using Google Maps

January 23, 2014 - 3 minutes read

5300999179_a72ddaa2bf_oHave you been using the Salesforce app called “Find Nearby Accounts, Contacts, Leads” from Salesforce Labs? It’s been a free app. But as of February 1, 2014 it will not really be free. You will need a Google Maps API for Business license to continue using the app. And that license cost starts in the tens of thousands. Yes! You read that right. (Updated April 6, 2014: The “Find Nearby Accounts” app is no longer available.)

So what if you don’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars? What can you do? Well, our cfMAPP app is a great alternative, if we can say so ourselves. But don’t take our word for it – see what cfMAPP users have said about it, below. cfMAPP does what the “Find Nearby” app does, and much more. You can find complete info about the app here.

Why Did This Change Happen?

This change is due to an update to Google’s term of service for its Maps API. Yesterday, Salesforce sent an email notice to system administrators, notifying them of the change to the “Find Nearby – Accounts, Contacts, Leads” app.

If you are using another AppExchange app that uses Google Maps, you should ask whether the app provider has a commercial agreement to use Google Maps. If they do not have a commercial agreement, the app may stop working, and/or you may need to get your own Google Maps license annually to continue legally accessing Google Maps through the app.

We saw this coming months ago. Rather than use Google Maps in our cfMAPP product and pass a large additional cost on to our customers, we’ve found another map solution for cfMAPP which allows us to maintain our pricing level for you.

What Do Users of cfMAPP Say?

Hundreds of sales reps are using cfMAPP during their sales calls. They show Nearby Accounts to prospects on maps during live online demos. They use the maps to find nearby customers and do a little name-dropping. While most Salesforce map apps are designed for field reps who are driving to appointments, cfMAPP has many features that meet the needs of inside sales reps. Here’s what some of them say:

  • Brad, a marketing director who has been a client of Valgen for many years, told us: “This has made it easy to speak to a prospect as though we are local. We drop customer names that they recognize and resonate with, building instant credibility.”
  • Nick, a training manager for a closing team said: “Our closers show this to the prospect on every demo. We can’t be without it.”

Visit our website to see more about the app including screen shots, and how to contact us about it.

photo credit: Google Maps via photopin (license)

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