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Our Philosophy

Apps have become ubiquitous in every facet of sales and marketing processes. And they are great for automation and streamlining actions. However, apps fall short in meeting the needs of fast-changing environments and complex enterprises.

Solutions – driven by insightful analyses and domain expertise – deliver effective guidance and powerful recommendations.  But they often take time and are not put into action to reap the benefits.


We created the Valgen Way: A hybrid approach combining the best of both worlds. Our phased solution approach with Fast Track provides an urgent response to pressing needs. Our ability to embed strategic insights into applications during the Advance, Accelerate and Maintain stages ensures ongoing scalable and predictive success.


Quality Data is the Essential Foundation to Growth


Yes there are apps, temps, database subscriptions and smart admins. But enterprise customers realize that is often not enough. They prefer Valgen’s holistic, robust, disciplined solution that gets data quality right, and keeps it that way.

How? For one, our advanced algorithms catch 30% more duplicates than any in-house solution. And they implement complex rules without grinding Salesforce to a halt. Our team combines the best of machine learning with an expert eye to create customized solutions.

Get started on the Fast Track with guaranteed results in 90 days. Valgen’s annual subscription continues refining quality so you can implement initiatives and make decisions with ongoing confidence.

Demand Generation That Goes Beyond Lists


Yes, leads are generated with lists, tactics and dials. But for enterprise customers, much more is needed to create a scalable selling process:  Understanding the market, mapping sales stages, improving lead quality, accountable tracking. This is all part of our Demand Generation subscription solution.

Our focus on business objectives and a long-term perspective brings proven results not just from one list, but quarter after quarter.

Fast Track sets the foundation for data and processes in 90 days. Valgen’s annual subscription builds the prospecting database, provides consistent flow of high scoring leads, and tracks prospect and rep performance.


Maintain Customer Renewals Proactively


After the hard work of winning a prospect over, the journey to on-board, nourish and build strong relationships begins. Yet haphazard promotions and a plethora of campaigns means value (and trust) is actually eroded.

How do we check this? The first step is to understand the customer:  Gathering key data, defining life stages and measuring value segments. Then we help predict and stay one step ahead of the customer at each stage, from on-boarding to penetration and retention.

Our 90 day Fast Track method provides a quick 360 view and a personalized template to increase customer value. During Advanced and Accelerate stages, we help you earn and keep the customer trust, through advanced analytics integrated into CRM and intelligent applications like ProsperVue.

Increase Sales Efficiency


Just as customers go through a journey, so do your sales resources.  Even the best tools, training and leads cannot guarantee automatic success. So how do you maximize this investment? With Intelligence.

Setting up metrics and benchmarks is the critical first step that allows performance measurement to be fair, transparent and trustworthy. Next, identify performance variables that can explain what happened, why it happened and how to improve.

Within Fast Track phase, we set up measurement and improvement guidance. In later phases, we progressively analyze the book of business, pipeline trends and territories to accelerate momentum and growth of your most valuable resources – the sales team.


ProsperVue for Salesforce


ProsperVue is Valgen's "2-in-1" app for Salesforce. It delivers Demand Generation and Customer Value Growth solutions, integrated within Salesforce.

We help you deliver segmented, high quality leads so your sales team is nurturing relationships and selling, not searching. ProsperVue delivers customer data to reps through an easy visual interface to boost sales productivity.

Why ProsperVue?

– Fully integrated with Salesforce

– Transforms data into actionable visual insights to guide daily sales calls

– Find new, relevant, high-value customers faster


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