Top Sales Productivity Tools for Inside Sales

July 15, 2013 - 1 minute read

Today, Valgen’s cfMAPP is the featured recommended tool by Smart Selling Tools. The video below explains how this “map app” for Salesforce helps inside sales reps get better success with appointment-setting during cold calls:

As Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools says in the video, “no one likes to be treated like a name on a cold call list.” What can you do about that? Well, when inside appointment-setters can mention nearby customers, it’s clear to the prospect that the sales rep did some research. Maps are a natural, visual way to do that research productively.

Sales reps use cfMAPP to get pop-up maps in Salesforce, similar to Google Maps. Customers and prospects are automatically plotted. The sales rep just clicks a button to get this. Depending on how many customers are in the area, the map might look like this:

Customers are listed in Nearby Accounts, and the sales rep can mention who you currently do business with.

It makes cold calling more productive because reps can see customers on a map, scan the information easily during a sales call, and share company names that the prospect might be familiar with. Couldn’t that make appointment-setting conversations while prospecting so much more successful?