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All fleets. All vehicles. From sedans to semis.

Why ProsperFleet?

  • Your leadership consulted with generalists without fleet domain expertise, got watered down, useless recommendations that took too long.
  • Your sales team tried data that is not fleet-specific, didn’t work well, and frustrated everyone.
  • Your marketing ops had to band-aid providers with no seamless integration into your tech stack or business processes.
  • Now you are falling behind on strategic goals, market share, or financial metrics.
It’s time we helped you change this. Join our customers who have successfully elevated their core business: reaching the hard-to-reach fleet market.
Light Duty Fleets from Car Fleets to Light Duty Truck Fleets

Light-duty fleets

Is your data light on light duty?
Reach the local contractor, delivery, and field service fleets that you won’t find in most data.
Electric vehicles and last mile delivery are fast-growing light-duty markets.

FMCSA SAFER data filters for sales and marketing

Most FMCSA databases are designed for shippers and brokers, and focus on for-hire fleets.
We built with sales and marketing in mind.
In only a few clicks, build prospecting call lists, email campaigns, and advertising audiences while searching the entire U.S. trucking and bus markets.

FMCSA SAFER Competition
Local Fleet Locations of Companies with Fleets of Vehicles 3

Local fleet locations near you

Most fleet data has only headquarters.
With ProsperFleet you get local fleets, and location-level data for regional and national companies.
It’s critical for mobile services, fuel delivery, local retail, maintenance and repair to know nearby fleet locations.

Fleet industry contacts

We focus on job titles for your niche: Small business owners with vehicles, fleet managers, fleet maintenance, transportation, DOT compliance, safety, driver training, driver recruiting.
Emails, phone, LinkedIn profiles. And because your contacts can move to new accounts, we track job changes.

List of Fleet Managers and Trucking Industry Contacts
Trucking Fleet Data Append Enrich

Enrich your existing data

Too many empty fields in your CRM? Are your accounts and contacts missing fleet and vehicle data?

Fix inaccurate details and fill in missing data from trade show lists, prospect lists, form fills.

Save budget by acquiring only net new data.

Corporate hierarchy

For enterprise selling and ABM, it’s useful to know corporate hierarchy. If several divisions or subsidiaries use your product and a new acquisition under the corporate umbrella doesn’t yet use your product, wouldn’t you like to know?
For larger sales teams, corporate hierarchy helps you know whether an account is SMB, mid-market or part of another enterprise account. So you can assign the accounts accordingly.

ProsperFleet Data Corporate Hierarchy
ProsperFleet Salesforce Integration - Fleet and Trucking Database

When you're in Salesforce, get fleet data where you're already working

Import data into Salesforce, from ProsperFleet’s database.


Or, append your existing Leads and Accounts in Salesforce.


Fleet data will ensure that your sales and marketing teams focus resources on fleets that fit your ideal customer profile.

Serving clients in fleet and trucking

Fleet Management

Fleet Safety

Fuel Distribution

Parts & Maintenance

Finance & Leasing



SaaS for Fleets

Telematics & GPS




If any of this sounds familiar, you need the right fleet data for you

  • I sell to light duty fleets and can’t find them easily
  • It seems many trucking companies have less than 5 trucks and I’m looking for bigger fleets
  • I see databases with almost 2 million companies, but they have few fleets in my local area
  • I need enough relevant, reliable data to power a team of SDRs
  • My CRM has too much obsolete or invalid data, and it’s missing fleet and firmographics

We built ProsperFleet to solve these problems. It gives a complete fleet market view with light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. And, local fleets not just the headquarters.

It’s a new world of opportunities.

Online Database of Trucking Companies in the US and Companies with Fleets of Vehicles

Our customers get results


Prospecting database



Increase in account penetration



New customer revenue growth



Prediction accuracy for
at-risk customers

Valgen has tremendous depth of capabilities and expertise to suit our complex needs. They always deliver.
Angie Henkel Senior Manager of Business Analytics, Verizon Connect
Trust is critical, and to be able to work with somebody that's been doing that not just for our company but many companies, and can bring that valuable knowledge to the table is important.
Dave Brown Vice President of Sales, Fleetmatics
The app is intuitive and fits in with our vision of client contact expectations. The type of insights and actionability that Valgen provided is exactly what we have been looking for to help our advisors enhance their customer relationships.
Mark Rynasiewicz SVP, Business Solutions, Wells Fargo Advisors
ProsperVue is perfect for getting familiar with a territory before visiting customers and prospects. It is simple, uncluttered and easy to pull up information at your fingertips to ensure a productive field visit.
Greg Cushard Senior Vice President and Global Producer, Lockton
I cannot say enough about Valgen’s response times, their ability to turn out quality reports, and their willingness to work through complex analyses with varied and disparate datasets. They are excellent at pulling the data in exactly the ways that we need.
Geoff Baillie Director, Business Analytics, SpiceWorks
Differences in 2023 Fleet and Trucking Databases

What fleet data is right for you?

Not all fleet data is the same.

If you use the wrong data for your needs, you miss selling to many fleets in your market. Assess your specific needs, and get a course of action.