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Valgen delivers ProsperFleet data and analytics services for sales and marketing teams. We serve enterprise and mid-market B2B customers that sell to fleets and trucking: telematics, SaaS, safety, fuel, financial services and more.
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Our Story

When a sales team at a Fortune 500 firm shoots to #2 in company rankings nearly overnight, people thought it was a fluke.

Wouldn’t you?

This team’s fast sales gain was equal to an extra month of revenue. But without the extra month of effort.

The team was using predictive analytics, but they didn’t know it. What they knew was, every day they got a list of customers to contact. And they contacted them. And they sold more. The customers seemed ready, receptive.

The sales team was happy. Not only did they get congratulations, they got commissions. Other teams took quick notice and wanted the advantage too.

And so it spread from 30 reps to 3,000.

It drove $120M in incremental revenues per year.

What was it? It was the beginnings of ProsperVue. And later, we worked again with many from these marketing and sales teams, to focus on selling to companies with fleet vehicles. This was the early days of what became ProsperFleet.

Seeing people benefit from data-driven analytics is our passion. We wanted to help more sales teams discover how our methods can add value to them.

That’s why we started Valgen. It’s even in our name. VALGEN = VALue GENeration.

And … the leader of the team of rising sales stars? He believed in this enough that he became Valgen’s first investor.

How do we do it?

Data Technology Analytics

We sell data, CRM apps and analytic services. We see how they inter-relate. The success of each depends on the other two.

So, we have a blended approach that addresses data, CRM and analytics together. We’re greater than the sum of these three parts.

For example:

  • Rather than only sell a list of businesses with fleet vehicles, we can give consultative guidance to ensure the leads align with your audience segmentation.
  • Because we do data cleansing, we can help our ProsperVue clients to cleanse their Salesforce data to get full benefits of the app’s analytics.

Finally, data is useful when it’s usable.

What looks like a basic call list to sales users has many variables and algorithms behind it. We believe these analytics should be easy and actionable for users. We make analytics easy through simple visual recommendations, action steps and checklists.

The result is powerful analytics – built on clean data – at the fingertips of your sales and marketing users.

Valgen Values



We are passionate about excellence in our work and serving our customers.


We are honest, fair, and sincere in all our actions. Trustworthiness is important.



For customers and their users, we add value in everything we do. We make their lives easier and simpler.



We share knowledge, empower and respect each other towards achieving a shared vision.



We clearly set and deliver expectations, and ensure a reputation for keeping our commitments.

Make It Happen

We take ownership for results, go beyond our duty or the obvious, and we simply make it happen.

National Minority Supplier Certified

Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

We are proud to be Nationally certified by the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council.
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We Pledge 1%!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Pledge 1% is a movement where corporations support nonprofits in their communities. They pledge to give 1% of equity, time, product and/or profit. What if every single business around the globe gave 1%? How could we change the world?