Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce & Save Customers Before They Leave

Which customers are most at risk of leaving? How to find at risk accounts in Salesforce

Quickly Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce

Losing a valued customer is a fear of every sales rep and sales manager. The longer the elapsed time since an interaction with them, the more likely a customer is at risk of being lost. And with SaaS and other subscription-based businesses, the closer an account gets to end-of-contract date with little outreach, subscription renewal may be more at-risk.

Tracking this is important for every sales and marketing team.

ProsperVue – a sales acceleration app for Salesforce – enables you to see these accounts in a few quick clicks.

How to Identify At-Risk Accounts in Salesforce

First, let’s look at how to see the at-risk accounts. Then we’ll show what you can do with the data.

Using the “Top 10” feature in ProsperVue, you can visually identify accounts in a territory or nationwide, sorted by at-risk indicators. (While the maps here show the U.S., this will work worldwide!) In this post, we show accounts sorted by days until subscription renewal. For your needs, decide the at-risk account indicator(s) that are most important to your business.*

Step 1. Click on the Accounts tab and Account pins will show up on the map.

Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce ProsperVue Step 1


Optional Step 2. If you want to focus on a certain product category, you can use Search or Top 10 to filter Accounts by product. Here, we used Search. Simply type the product and only the Accounts with that product will stay on the map. Or, skip this step and keep all Accounts on the map.

Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce ProsperVue Step 2


Step 3. The at-risk indicator we’re using is Subscription Status. See how the data likely has discrete dates for each Account – number of days before or after the subscription expiration date – but we bucketed the dates into ranges in a picklist.

Now, yes, there is some work to set up the data in Salesforce. But for the sales and marketing user in ProsperVue, Step 3 is a simple click on the Top 10 icon. That’s it. The pins will color-code by Subscription Status. You can also see counts in the upper left box.

Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce ProsperVue Step3


Step 4. To drill further into the data and see only some of the pins on the map, you can select data in the upper left box. Let’s look at the Accounts where there are less than 90 days left until their subscription expires.

Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce ProsperVue Step 4


Optional Step 5. Let’s take this a step further. Let’s sort by Annual Contract Value, so we can see which high value accounts are expiring soon. To do that, simply click on the Sort icon in the Annual Contract Value field, so we see highest value account first and descending order.

Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce ProsperVue Step 5


You have quickly uncovered and visualized valuable information about at-risk accounts in Salesforce. Doing these steps in ProsperVue involves just a few clicks – it happens much faster than it took you to read this.

Actions to Contact At-Risk Accounts

Next, ProsperVue can lead you through actions to reach out to these at-risk accounts. In addition, if you want to choose accounts with geographic precision, you can draw a geofence around an area and take the following actions only for accounts in the geofence.

  • Add the accounts to a campaign. You can run an email campaign. And if an account exec is traveling to the area, you can activate an “in the neighborhood” campaign.
  • Export the list to csv file. You can export lists to contact accounts through programs that are not integrated with Salesforce.
  • Add to list view. You can make a list of these accounts.
  • Set up a call list. Sales reps can add the accounts to a task list or call list.

We hope this post gives you ideas to use your Salesforce data to identify, visualize and act on at-risk accounts in Salesforce. You can reactivate, renew and prioritize accounts throughout their customer success journey. Turn neglect into opportunities and boost revenue.

Learn more about ProsperVue or Get It Now from the AppExchange to try it out in your Salesforce org.


* Note for managers, Salesforce admins, business analysts

When you are setting up at-risk account indicator data, keep in mind that ProsperVue’s Top 10 feature sorts non-numerical data. It “buckets” the data and shows the 10 most-populated buckets on the map, with color-coded pins. You can turn discrete numerical data into a format that works in Top 10 by using a picklist with ranges, such as “Less than 30 days” “31-60 days” “61-90 days” “91-120 days” etc. You can also use data from text-based picklists. Our customer success team is happy to talk with you about how to adapt your data for this use case in ProsperVue.


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