Who are your customers most at risk of leaving? How to find at risk accounts in Salesforce

Quickly Find At Risk Accounts in Salesforce

Losing a valued customer is a fear of every sales rep and sales manager. The longer the elapsed time since an interaction with them, the more likely a customer is at risk of being lost. Tracking this is a pressing challenge for every organization, day in and day out.

ProsperVue – a sales acceleration app for Salesforce – enables sales reps and sales managers to address this critical issue. ProsperVue, an app for Salesforce, gives the ability to identify and act on at-risk customers. Now with one click using the “Top 10” feature, a sales rep can track accounts anywhere in his or her territory based on the at-risk indicators. This feature can be activated for any picklist or text field.

Once a user clicks on the Top 10 icon, the pins are instantly color coded from highest frequency to lowest, for the top 10 values. The user can select specific values, and perform actions on those records. For example, they can select accounts that have not been contacted in a while – but still “reasonably recent” – and activate an “in the neighborhood” campaign. For accounts that have lapsed, they can export the list to take other actions.

Businesses can now reactivate, renew and prioritize accounts throughout their customer success journey. Turn neglect into opportunities and boost the sales pipeline.

Visualize At-Risk Accounts. In Salesforce.

Sales Reps

Manage your day by identifying at-risk accounts and prioritizing sales calls, or by up selling to accounts that are identified as ready for renewal.

identifying at-risk accounts

Sales Managers

Monitor your sales teams’ accounts and ensure your sales reps are actively engaging with their accounts, making sure they are leaving no stone unturned.

Actively Engage Accounts

Enhance account interaction and manage at-risk accounts within Salesforce to improve your sales pipeline and performance.

Get a demo today and see how ProsperVue’s at-risk account feature can help you supercharge your sales.

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