Get fleet data where you already are – in Salesforce.

When you sell to fleets, don’t drive blind, not knowing what vehicles they have, or how many.

Call and send campaigns confidently, with a complete fleet view of your leads, accounts and contacts in Salesforce.

ProsperFleet Salesforce Integration - Fleet and Trucking Database

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Reach the right fleets with Salesforce

Fleet data will ensure that your sales and marketing teams focus resources on fleets that fit your ideal customer profile.

Import data from ProsperFleet’s online database.

Or, enrich your existing Leads and Accounts in Salesforce.

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ProsperFleet Fleet Data in Salesforce Accounts and Leads
ProsperFleet Fleet Fields to Enrich Salesforce Accounts and Leads

Are too many of your fleet fields empty?

Fleet vehicle data is crucial when selling to fleets and trucking. Without it, you’re likely sending campaigns to many irrelevant companies, which hurts your campaign delivery and performance. Or your sales team is calling too many fleets that are a poor fit, and companies that don’t even have vehicles.

This was the experience of many of our customers before enriching their CRM data with fleet details. When they were working without strong fleet data, only about 20% of prospects were a good fit.

To solve this, add fleet vehicle data to Salesforce with ProsperFleet’s comprehensive data about light, medium and heavy duty fleets.

Turbocharge your Salesforce data with highly-targeted fleets

Enrich your leads and accounts with fleet, company and contact data.

Select only the data you need, that fits your market and ideal customer profile.

  • Fleet Size 5+ Vehicles
  • Light, Medium & Heavy Duty
  • For Hire, Private, Government Fleets
  • Cargo Carried
  • State, County, City, ZIP, Radius
  • 40 Fleet Industries
  • SIC and NAICS
  • Fleet-Relevant Job Titles
  • Company Name Search
Database of Trucking Companies and Businesses with Fleet Vehicles
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We have a long history with data in Salesforce, since 2009. We can guide you in strengthening your CRM data, specifically for improved sales and marketing results.

30 M

Light, medium & heavy duty
fleet vehicles

1.2 M

Businesses & government agencies
that have fleet vehicles

1.6 M

Local branches, franchises, yards,
warehouses, stores

2.2 M

Fleet management, business owners,
other decision-makers

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