Spiceworks maximized partner spend ROI in media campaigns

Valgen identified 30% more leads and $3.4M

Industry:  Information Technology

Location:  Austin, TX

Spiceworks is a professional network for the information technology industry, the marketplace where tech buyers and sellers come together to push the world forward with technology.

The Challenge
  • Spiceworks needed a better way to identify success of marketing campaigns with media clients.

Why Valgen?
  • Valgen’s advanced data cleanse and 12-Pass Fuzzy Matching accurately finds net new leads to demonstrate campaign effectiveness.

The Results
  • Identified 30% net new leads — a 97% higher match rate — and $3.4M.
  • 6X more buyers were identified than an in-house solution identified.
  • With campaign value made more transparent, a key partner reinstated their media spend cut from prior year.

Products & Services

Used to deliver these results:

ProsperServe Managed Data Services for data hygiene, dedupe, append, enrich sales and marketing data


Advanced data cleanse, dedupe, append, enrich through managed data services.