Know every customer
really well

Align around customers,
not products

Build loyalty for life

Analytics & data solutions that transform you
from operations-driven to customer-centric

We help financial services institutions with data quality, data infrastructure, and analytics insights for
Salesforce, Financial Services Cloud, and Einstein Analytics for Financial Services.

Our approach is centered around your strategies and goals to drive business growth,
with a clear focus (some might say obsession!) on delivering value and ROI to Salesforce users.

Get 360 view of your customers

Invest in the foundation of a great customer experience: accurate and complete data.

Valgen’s data cleansing services get you started quickly and maintain data quality over time:

  • Cleanse, correct and validate info about customers
  • Enrich demographics like life stage and financial status
  • Summarize, visualize and share with stakeholders
  • Build your core strategy around customer value
Credit Union Mortgages and Loans
ProsperServe Managed Data Services for data hygiene, dedupe, append, enrich sales and marketing data

Deliver analytics insights to empower your Salesforce users

We’ll help you empower your sales and marketing teams with Salesforce Einstein for Financial Services or other analytics solutions for Salesforce:

  • Lead with your strategy to provide value to your customers
  • Develop metrics and ROI framework
  • Optimize your database environment, integrate tools and systems
  • Quick Start 90-day Salesforce Einstein implementation, or customized engagement

Visit our Salesforce Einstein Consulting page to learn more.

Harvest customer loyalty for a lifetime

With the data and analytic foundation in place, implement and measure how you are growing customer value through targeted campaigns, messages and offers to grow their relationship with you.

  • Initiate programs to increase adoption and mind share
  • Deliver upsell & cross-sell that is relevant and impactful
  • Ensure customer retention for product and relationship
  • Turn best customers into your advocates & grow business faster
Wealth Management

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