Strategy: Customer Clone Modeling

What is Clone Modeling?

Finding more prospects just like your best customers. Isn’t that a dream! That is essentially what clone modeling does, through applying statistical and AI methods to data. This means lower customer acquisition cost, faster sales cycles, greater retention, and ultimately higher customer lifetime value.

Advanced analytics solutions provided by ProsperFleet includes predictive modeling and AI to deliver prospects like your best customers. How?

  • Truly determine who your best customers are
  • Go beyond what you know with richer company, fleet and market information

Apply disciplined methods, disregard biases and preconceived ideas

Fleet Market Clone Modeling

What happens without modeling?

It is a guessing game from one list or campaign to the next, one quarter after another. Repetitive targeting of less valuable, undesirable prospects is often the norm. And most important, there is no assured path to improve with each successive step.

What are the consequences for sales and marketing teams?

Deploying large scale campaigns efficiently is not possible without robust modeling and scoring. This is because as outreach/campaign volume grows, using arbitrary filters results in rapidly diminishing returns.

Sales will spend a lot of their precious time qualifying prospects they should know are not qualified. According to many studies, this can be as much as 80% of their time.

How does ProsperFleet deliver Customer Clone Modeling?

ProsperFleet data scientists are adept at data, analytics, understanding your business, and having strong expertise in the fleet market. We follow a structured approach to ensuring models are accurate, effective, and actionable:

  • Create a modeling dataset of your customers and a representative sample of your addressable market
  • Build multi-variate models using test and validation to find predictors of best customers
  • Score the complete ProsperFleet universe of 1.2 million to find prospects with a predicted lift of up to 4X

With clone modeling, you are completely free of arbitrary selections like this SIC or that, forcing specific fleet sizes that underperform, or choosing prospects that do not become valuable in the long term. After all, the first order or subscription is only one-tenth of the lifetime value. This makes clone modeling hugely profitable in the long run.

Fleet Customer Clone Modeling Case Study

Strategy Case Study: Customer Clone Modeling

With several hundred thousand prospects in a fleet fintech's ICP, our data science team developed a model to identify the top 30% of prospects most like their best customers.