Strategy: Fleet Market Segmentation

What is Segmentation?

Segments are simple yet powerful building blocks to understand the current state of your customers and prospects, by putting them into cohort groups and combinations. Some examples are fleet size bands, industry groups, geography, and fleet composition. Segmentation can be more advanced, morphing eventually into models and AI.

ProsperFleet segmentation can be applied on your customers, prospects, as well as the complete fleet market. It is useful for building out a sales team.

What does marketing and sales look like without Segmentation?

In addition, sales and marketing teams are not aligned. Even common definitions of SMB, mid-market, and enterprise are left to several interpretations. A unified message across all channels is lacking.

This causes channel conflict within teams, misdirected marketing messages and even more important, confusion among prospects receiving those messages.

Solve Strategic Fleet Market Problems

How does ProsperFleet deliver Segmentation?

ProsperFleet delivers segmentation based on your unique customized needs and the analytical maturity of your organization. How so?

  • First, define the segments based on fleet size bands, SIC groups, geographic territories and fleet mix
  • Create additional combinations, as well as advanced grouping based on metrics like percent light duty (this depends on how ready/mature your organization is to leverage this information)
  • Overlay this on customer, prospect or market data, as well as net new prospects

ProsperFleet’s segmentation is not one size fits all. You get a unique footprint customized to the way you go to market. That is what makes this relevant and highly powerful compared to any off-the-shelf segmentation you get anywhere else.

Telematics Fleet Market Strategy Case Study

Strategy Case Study: New Fleet Market Entry

Thorough 360 evaluation of sales process, technology, and data revealed key challenges on multiple fronts. The risks and investments to enter a new market were far greater than expected.