FleetSeek Alternative: ProsperFleet

There are only a few sources of U.S. data about companies with fleets of vehicles. And, few trucking databases do any enhancements to the FMCSA data. If you’ve been using fleet data for lead generation or market analysis, you know this.

Two major data sources are FleetSeek and ProsperFleet. For many years, FleetSeek did not have major competitors, while people would search for a FleetSeek alternative to fit their unique data needs.

Valgen has been doing analytics in fleet and trucking for a decade, and our customers’ sales and marketing teams kept asking us for fleet data. So this is why we created ProsperFleet, to offer an alternative with key elements in trucking and fleet data that our customers weren’t finding anywhere else:

Light and medium duty vehicles

ProsperFleet data includes all the executive fleets, motor pool sedans and SUVs, contractor pickups and vans, work trucks, local delivery – all the “non-DOT” fleets or “white van fleets.” This allows you to reach the field service fleets, contractors and trades like plumbers and HVAC, electricians, construction.

Total fleet counts for large fleets

When a company or government has vehicles across 5, 10, 50, 100+ locations, what is the total fleet size? This is a complex question to answer and involves accurate matching of company hierarchy and locations across states with information from many data sources.

For trucking data where you’re only using the power units in an FMCSA data field, it’s easier to answer. But many fleet suppliers who use ProsperFleet are looking for all types of vehicles from sedans to vans to heavy duty trucking.

All company locations with vehicles

Most data sources provide only headquarters locations. We have data on all company locations with fleets. If a headquarters is in Michigan with vehicle locations in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, you will be able to find company fleet vehicle data in all five states. So if you are in Wisconsin, this company’s fleet will be revealed for you, despite the headquarters being in another state.

Many contacts for a fleet

Most fleet data sources provide few contacts. However at medium and large fleets, there are many influencers and decision-makers when selecting fleet vendors. Our data has many contacts to reach buying committees: fleet, transportation, general managers, operations, safety, driver training, driver recruiting, HR, finance, procurement/purchasing, public works, etc. As well as owner, president and CEO which are great for small fleets.

Focus on larger fleets

The vast majority of companies with vehicles actually have one vehicle or are trucking owner-operators with one vehicle. Our data begins with 3+ vehicles.

Local fleets

You can easily and immediately choose local fleets at the city and ZIP code levels, anywhere in the U.S. You can acquire only the data that fits the geographic area you will use.

If you have questions about how ProsperFleet might be an alternative fleet and trucking data source for you, contact us.

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