Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value in High Tech

Thriving where margins are thin and change is constant

Success in high tech greatly rests on attracting, retaining and growing the value of the right customers.
Accomplishing this requires:
  • A 360 profile of prospects and customers
  • Increasing frequency of transactions
  • Penetration, upsell and reactivation
  • Optimizing sales and marketing resources
B2B Sales and Marketing High Tech

OEM or reseller. Products, services or SaaS.
Whether you're selling direct or through channels and partners.
We bridge the gap between data and actions through our deep domain expertise that delivers precise predictions down to the transaction level.

Spiceworks Testimonial

Decades of proven revenue generation

Our success formula is simple: We go beyond the analytics, interpret the patterns, advise on strategies and create a plan for action.
No one size fits all solution here. First, Valgen seeks to deeply understand your business. Then we work our magic with proprietary algorithms. We fit deliverables to specific use cases, segments, customer life stage to maximize incremental revenue. Areas where we’ve made an impact:
  • Determining early stage customer value
  • Renewal and reactivation modeling
  • Product and purchase timing recommendations

Maximize portfolio revenue for each rep

When dozens of reps manage hundreds of accounts each, the ability to identify timing and context for each interaction becomes crucial to making quota. Valgen’s systemic approach to solving five key challenges:
  • What is the total potential?
  • Who are the best growth customers?
  • How to balance customers and prospects?
  • Which products should we serve?
  • When to engage with partners?
The Result: Hundreds of millions in incremental revenues delivered, and most importantly, revenues within each rep’s book maximized.
High Tech Sales & Marketing