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Light-duty commercial vehicle market

Number of U.S. commercial vehicles, in millions, owned or leased by companies and government agencies that have 5+ vehicles.

As fleet suppliers saturate the medium-duty and heavy-duty markets, go-to-market leaders are exploring the vast light-duty market for expansion and continued growth. And of course, many fleet services and products are needed by all fleets.

Last mile delivery fleets

The growth of last mile delivery has resulted in new local light-duty fleets that you won’t find in most data sources.

These fleets have cargo vans, light-duty walk-in vans, and other light trucks.

They’re also a market for light-duty electric vehicles.

Light Duty Fleets from Car Fleets to Light Duty Truck Fleets
Fleet Owner Commercial Vehicle Lead Data ProsperFleet

Light-duty truck fleets

Data about companies with light-duty trucks can be difficult to find, especially for local intrastate fleets. This is because this data is not well-populated in FMCSA data, which is the most common source of fleet data.

ProsperFleet is compiled from many sources, so we make it easy to find light-duty trucking prospects.

Our database includes private sector companies and public sector government fleets.

Local trades with light-duty trucks

One strength of our data is local fleet locations.

This data is rich with the trades and contractors with sport-utility vehicles, pickups, cargo vans and other light-duty trucks.

Our database currently has more than 235,000 locations of contractors with more than five light-duty commercial vehicles.

How to Find Light Duty Truck Fleet Leads
Companies That Have Company Car Fleets

Company car fleets

Find the businesses that don’t think of themselves as fleets, rather they have “company cars.”

  • Sales fleets
  • Executive car fleets
  • Motor pools

With our data, you can learn about small businesses with cars, up to the companies that have large car fleets for employees.

Our contact data can help you reach business owners, car fleet managers and fleet maintenance.

Differences in 2023 Fleet and Trucking Databases

What fleet data is right for you?

Not all fleet data is the same.

If you use the wrong data for your needs, you miss selling to many fleets in your market. Assess your specific needs, and get a course of action.

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