Lockton uses ProsperVue to efficiently plan field sales and customer visits

Advance trip planning and efficient travel delivered ROI for the app in just one trip
“ ProsperVue is perfect for getting familiar with a territory before visiting customers and prospects. It is simple, uncluttered and easy to pull up information at your fingertips to ensure a productive field visit.”
Greg Cushard Senior Vice President and Global Producer

Industry:  Insurance

Location:  Kansas City, MO

Lockton provides clients with risk management, insurance and employee benefits consulting services that improve their businesses. The producers have to often get on a flight to visit prospects and customers at various locations to build relationships, provide personalized consulting and penetrate nearby opportunities.

The Challenge
  • The producers often plan travel schedules several months in advance by reviewing each territory. The trip may involve meetings in several towns within the metro area being visited.
  • Need to view customer locations and see all contacts within those locations as a list, to review account history and better understand each customer’s needs.
  • Want to efficiently identify and prioritize nearby opportunities, and initiate a conversation prior to visit.

Why ProsperVue?
  • The first need that ProsperVue met is in reviewing territories and pre-trip planning. This was accomplished through pre-configuring the view and using a single click button.
  • Lockton was able to pull all contact information as a list while displaying the location on the map, without being cluttered. While this is a simple request, other tools had too many “bells and whistles” which made it harder to get to the needed information.
  • While on the trip, users could access ProsperVue on a mobile device to reach out to other prospects opportunistically as time permitted.

The Results
  • Lockton top producers could plan their trips well in advance and prioritize which accounts and territories needed the most attention.
  • Each trip was much more productive because ProsperVue made pre-call planning easier.
  • The Company was able to further leverage ProsperVue to fill in time between meetings and cancelled appointments – thus ROI for the app could be achieved in just one trip!

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