Molex expands field sales with custom integration of Salesforce predictive analytics visualization tool

Needed a visual way to predict when a customer is ready to buy
Molex Success with Custom Integration of Salesforce Visualization Tool

Industry:  Manufacturing

Location:  Lisle, IL

Molex is a global supplier of inter-connectors to the electronics industry.

The Challenge
  • Molex marketing and field sales teams wanted a solution that would alert them to customer activities while on the road.
  • They needed to validate MQL and non-MQL leads, and identify specific activities to predict buying behavior.
  • They wanted a better way to foster a collaborative approach across the C-Suite, Product, Marketing and Sales Teams.

Why Valgen?
  • The primary need was to create a custom solution to trigger field sales notifications. Molex chose Valgen because of our ability to integrate predictive analytics into Salesforce with a visual tool like ProsperVue.
  • Valgen has the ability to integrate a full BI solution, Google Analytics data, campaign management, CRM and ERP.
  • Our superior data cleanse, matching and de-duplicating expertise also played into the decision.

The Results
  • Valgen mined millions of transactions and user attributes to detect advance buying signals, and presented timely sales intelligence before reps walked into client meetings.
  • 200+ sales reps were targeted to use the visualization tool. In parallel, marketing ran coordinated campaigns to ensure high customer receptivity.
  • Visual analytics identified 20% of SQL accounts that would have otherwise not been marketed to or acted upon by sales.

Products & Services

Used to deliver these results:

ProsperVue App for Salesforce - Analytics to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value for B2B Marketing and Sales


Delivers actionable visual and predictive info to sales and marketing in Salesforce

ProsperServe Managed Data Services for data hygiene, dedupe, append, enrich sales and marketing data


Advanced data cleanse, dedupe, append, enrich through managed data services