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Fleet Lead Generation Lists

Join thousands of sales and marketing users, with highly accurate data about fleet owners & commercial fleet vehicles.

  • 7M North American companies with fleets
  • 50M vehicles in operation with VIN detail
  • 80M contacts with detailed job titles, email, phone, social data

We specialize in telematics, aftermarket, dealers, leasing, safety, commercial insurance and more.

ProsperFleet Data Fields
Fleet Owner Commercial Vehicle Lead and Prospect Data Append ProsperFleet

Append Your Existing Data

Most popular sources of B2B lead data do not have vehicle and fleet information.

Without fleet data, you may email and call prospects with the wrong mix of vehicles for your offering, or with few or no vehicles at all.

Fill in missing fields with commercial fleet vehicle and fleet owner data:

  • Add fleet count
  • Enrich with GVWR Class 1-8 and vehicle type
  • Get fleet-relevant job titles, email & phone

Add Net New Records

Cut your prospecting costs. Don’t pay for data you already own.

Our advanced deduplication and matching processes will uncover new ground for your sales and marketing teams.

Add fleet leads that you don’t already have:

  • Fleet size: SMB, mid-market, enterprise
  • Job title: Fleet, safety, maintenance, executive, etc.
  • Contact info: Email, phone
Net New Commercial Fleet Owner Leads
Reach Fleet Safety Professionals

Add Relevant Contacts to Your Accounts

Account Based Marketing (ABM) success to mid-market and enterprise accounts depends on having the right contacts.

Keep reps selling, not searching.

  • Extensive detailed job titles: Fleet management, safety, driver recruiting, operations, maintenance, finance
  • Levels: Executive, director, manager, etc.
  • Contact info: Email & phone

Sedans & Vans

Most fleet lead generation sources focus on trucking. We have data about all GVWR Class 1-8 vehicles:

  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Pickups
  • Vans

This allows you to reach the vast markets of service, installation and technician industries, field sales, local delivery.

Reach the businesses that don’t think of themselves as fleets, rather they have “company cars.”

Fleet Owner Commercial Vehicle Lead Data ProsperFleet
Fleet Data and Analytics for Marketing and Sales

Sometimes, Lists Are Not Enough

Of course you need prospect lists. But some things, prospect lists cannot do.

Analytics can make the most of your fleet data by identifying your best potential markets and ideal customer profile.

Score your prospects and leads. Improve your pipeline process.

Boost customer lifetime value by knowing what to cross-sell and upsell. Identify at-risk customers before you know there’s a retention risk, and improve renewals.

Fleet MRO

Fleet MRO

Fleet Driver Safety Training

Safety & Training

Fleet Telematics


Fuel & Distribution

Finance & Leasing

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Lead gen game changer you cannot be without.
Valgen provided accelerated ROI through cost savings and improved results.

Verizon Connect Testimonial - Marketing to Commercial Vehicle Fleets

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Increased commercial fleet data coverage
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Fleet leads helped inside sales generate
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Saved 40%+ in data purchase costs
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Acquire a Prospect Lead Generation List
Company, Fleet & Contact Data
Select Fleet Size, Industry, Geography, Job Titles
1 Contact Included; Additional $0.30 Each
2,500 Record Minimum
No Processing Fee
Per Record
Add New Records You Don't Have
Company, Fleet & Contact Data
Select Fleet Size, Industry, Geography, Job Titles
1 Contact Included; Additional $0.30 Each
5,000 Record Minimum
$500 Processing Fee
Per Record
Fill In Gaps In Your Data
Company, Fleet & Contact Data
Get Back Fleet Size, Industry, Job Titles
Get Back Matched Contact/Company Records
No Record Minimum
$500 Processing Fee

Available Fields: Fleet Owner & Commercial Vehicle Data

United States Data
  • 1


    • Company Name
    • Address
    • Location: HQ/Branch/Standalone
    • Sales Volume
    • Employee Size
    • # Years in Business
    • Corporate/Franchise Type
    • Primary Industry/NAICS/SIC
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

  • 2


    • Name
    • Detailed Title
    • Function/Level
    • Phone
    • Email
    • LinkedIn

  • 3


    • Local Fleet Size
    • National Fleet Size
    • GVWR Class 1-3 Count
    • GVWR Class 4-6 Count
    • GVWR Class 7-8 Count
    • Trailers Registered
    • Types of Trailers Owned
    • Trailer Type 1 Count
    • Trailer Type 2 Count
    • Trailer Type 3 Count

  • 4


    • Partial 8-digit VIN
    • Full 17-digit VIN
    • VIN GVWR
    • Make/Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Series
    • Year
    • Chassis
    • Engine
    • Fuel Type

    * Premium Fields

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