Fuel Your Sales Growth to Fleet Owners

Feel like you’re driving blind without trucking and fleet data?

Enrich to get the data you’re missing.

Custom data services for appending existing data, and identifying net new against data you already own.

You can also build lists with our online fleet database.

ProsperFleet 2024 Online Trucking and Fleet Database Software

Data about U.S. businesses with fleets of vehicles

Join thousands of sales and marketing leaders who have used our fleet and trucking data.
  • 1.2M U.S. companies with 5+ vehicles
  • 1.6M locations with fleets
  • 30M commercial vehicles in operation
  • 2.2M contacts with detailed job titles
All Vehicles:  Light Duty | Medium Duty | Heavy Duty

We work with customers in many industries: telematics, fleet management software, safety technology, aftermarket and upfitting, truck and car dealers, commercial vehicle insurance and more.

Fleet Owner Commercial Vehicle Lead Prospect Data Append ProsperFleet

Append your existing data

Do you have B2B prospect lists, trade show leads, form fills that are missing fleet details?

Without fleet data, this may be costly. You may waste time and resources, pursuing prospects with the wrong mix of vehicles for your offering, or with few or no vehicles at all.

Enhance your fleet lead generation efficiency. Append your data to get details about fleets and trucking companies. Get vehicle counts plus firmographics for analysis and segmentation.

  • Fleet size
  • Fleet locations
  • Light-duty vehicles, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty tractors, trailers – “from sedans to semis”
  • Fleet-relevant job titles, email & LinkedIn profiles
  • Company firmographics

Add net new records

Don’t pay for data you already own.

In our experience, you may already own 25% of data on lists of trucking and fleet companies you purchase – much more if you’ve nearly saturated your market.

We can add only the fleet leads that you don’t have.

Our advanced deduplication and matching processes will uncover new ground for your sales and marketing teams.

Net New Commercial Fleet Owner Leads
ProsperFleet Company Fleet and Trucking Database Screenshot

Add relevant contacts to your accounts

Account Based Marketing (ABM) success to mid-market and enterprise accounts depends on having the right contacts.

Keep reps selling, not searching.

  • Fleet-related job titles: Fleet managers, fleet maintenance, safety, driver recruiting, procurement, operations, general managers, public works, finance
  • Owners of companies with trucks and other vehicles
  • Focus on executives, directors, managers
  • Contact info: Company phone, email, LinkedIn profiles

Light duty: Sedans and vans

Most fleet lead generation sources focus on trucking. You will get only the FMCSA data. In addition to DOT trucking, our database also includes companies with fleets of:

  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Pickups
  • Cargo Vans

Append your FMCSA data for a complete fleet view of light, medium and heavy-duty assets.

Reach the vast markets of construction and contractor trades, home and facility services, field service, field sales, local delivery.

Find the businesses that don’t think of themselves as fleets, rather they have “company cars.”

Fleet Owner Commercial Vehicle Lead Data ProsperFleet

When lists are not enough

Sometimes you need more than lead generation, and lists of companies that have fleet vehicles. In this case, fleet intelligence + analytics can boost your results.

Customer acquisition costs can be high. Target markets can be finite. You want customers to stay with you and grow.

  • Identify total addressable fleet market and ideal customer profile
  • Score your prospects and leads
  • Speed up your pipeline
  • Know what to cross-sell and upsell, and when
  • Identify at-risk customers before they show retention risk, improve renewals
Fleet MRO

Fleet Repair

Fleet Driver Safety Training

Fleet Safety
Driver Training

Fleet Telematics

Asset Tracking

Fuel Distribution
Fuel Cards

Truck Finance
Fleet Vehicle Leasing

Commercial Auto & Trucking Insurance

Lead gen game changer you cannot be without.
Valgen provided accelerated ROI through cost savings and improved results.

Marketing Lead Generation to Commercial Fleet Owners


Increased commercial fleet data coverage from 15% to more than 90%


Fleet leads helped inside sales generate YoY 30% new customer growth …
6 years in a row!


Saved 40%+ in data purchase costs through deduplication & enriching

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