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Online Database of Trucking Companies in the US and Companies with Fleets of Vehicles
Field Service Plumbing Contractor Fleets with Vans Pickups and Other Light Duty Vehicles

Reach businesses with fleets of light-duty vehicles

They're hard to find. We make finding them easy.
Class 1-3 | Sedans | SUVs | Pickups | Vans | Local Delivery Trucks | Ambulances
  • Sales & Executive Fleets
  • Field Service & Facility Service Fleets
  • Contractors
  • Local & Last Mile Delivery
  • Government Agencies
Last Mile Delivery Utility Towing and Other Companies with Medium Duty Fleet Vehicles

Rich, accurate details about fleets with medium-duty trucks and buses

Class 4-6 | City Delivery Trucks | Bucket & Utility Trucks | Tow/Wreckers | School Buses
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Local Delivery
  • Schools
  • Towing Companies
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
For Hire Private Fleets Heavy Duty Database of Trucking Companies

Uncover all U.S. locations of heavy-duty truck and bus fleets

Class 7-8 | Tractors | HazMat | Other Heavy Trucks | City Transit Buses
  • For Hire
  • Long Haul Trucking
  • Interstate
  • Transit
  • Utilities
  • Construction

Current fleet & trucking database for 2024, used by thousands of sales reps and marketers

Routific New
SC Fuels
Verizon Connect
Vector Solutions
Safe Drive Systems

30 M

Light, medium & heavy duty
fleet vehicles

1.2 M

Businesses & government agencies
that have fleet vehicles

1.6 M

Local branches, franchises, yards,
warehouses, stores

2.2 M

Fleet management, business owners,
other decision-makers

Get access to more fleets than you'll find anywhere else

Uncover new prospects and expand your total addressable market.

Compiled from dozens of fleet, company, and contact data sources into one stop for your fleet market intelligence.

  • Fleet data at national/federal, state, and local levels
  • Interstate and intrastate trucking data
  • 40 fleet industries that have all types of vehicles
  • Headquarters plus franchise, branch, retail locations with fleets
Largest Fleet and Trucking Database to Find More Companies with Fleets
Database of Trucking Companies and Other Local Businesses with Fleets Near Me

Uncover more fleets near you

Easily reach local business locations with fleets, and trucking companies near you.

This info is difficult to find, because most transportation data sources focus only on headquarters.

With ProsperFleet, you know all fleet locations. Get to local fleets before competitors do.

Essential if you’re looking for local fleets:

  • Local retail
  • Truck dealers, other vehicle dealers
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Mobile fleet services

Get highly-targeted fleet data that's relevant for you

Search by fleet size, duty, industries, for hire vs. private, cargo carried, and geography down to radius around a ZIP code. Search for specific companies.

Select only the data you need, that fits your market and ideal customer profile.

  • Fleet Size 5+ Vehicles
  • Light, Medium & Heavy Duty
  • For Hire, Private, Government Fleets
  • Cargo Carried
  • State, County, City, ZIP, Radius
  • 40 Fleet Industries
  • SIC and NAICS
  • Fleet-Relevant Job Titles
  • Company Name Search
Database of Trucking Companies and Businesses with Fleet Vehicles
List of Fleet Managers and Trucking Industry Contacts

Fleet managers, business owners & other decision-makers

Owners and presidents of small companies. For larger companies, get all roles on buying committees: fleet, maintenance, transportation, operations, general manager, safety, compliance, finance, procurement, IT, HR/driver recruiting, asset management, risk management, etc.

  • Validated Email
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Phone
  • Quality Guarantee
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Now integrated with Salesforce.

When you’re working in Salesforce, use fleet data where you already are.


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