ProsperFleet Pricing

Online Platform Subscription

Subscribe to the online ProsperFleet platform and download data.

Team Plan
Annual - Save 20%
/ Per User Per Month
Ideal for selling regionally/nationally, scaling business development teams, cost-effective for large volume.
  • Includes 100 credits per user, per month
  • Additional credits $0.80 each (Example: 1,000 additional credits for $800)
  • Annual subscription paid in advance

Volume pre-paid pricing:

  • From 50,000-100,000 credits: $0.60 per record
  • From 100,000+ credits: Call Us

Custom Data

We can also work with you on custom fleet data projects.

You will receive data in a flat file or through FTP, rather than through the online platform.

Custom Data Project
Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Append your existing data
  • Get net new data
  • Fleet addressable market insights

Frequently Asked Questions

How are credits used and counted?

Credits are used when you choose to download data.

One company record downloaded = one credit used.

Unlike many other sales intelligence services, our credits are not based on number of contacts. Whether you are downloading a company with one contact or 10 contacts, only one credit is used.

Do credits rollover if they're not used?

As long as your monthly or annual subscription is paid up-to-date, yes, unused credits will roll over to the next month or year. You can also easily move credits from one user to another in your account.

Can I keep using the data forever?

All data ages over time. Fleets add and remove vehicles. Companies go out of business. People change jobs. Emails and phone numbers become invalid. Or, we find new valid emails for contacts that previously did not have an email.

We update fleet data quarterly, and contacts monthly or more frequently as needed.

So, we don’t recommend using the same data for a long time. We recommend refreshing your data.

You can refresh your downloaded data, at no extra cost, for one year from the download date. After one year, credits will be required to refresh data again.

What if I need to add more users or credits?

Simply contact us to add more users or credits to your account.

Do you have discounts for large volumes of data?

Yes. For 50,000 to 100,000 credits, they are .60 per record. For 100,000+ credits, call us to talk about pricing. Volume pricing is available with annual plans.

What training and help is available?

A live kick-off training is available for all new accounts and users of ProsperFleet. We invest in a live conversation with you, because we want to help you understand the data and ensure your success! In addition to knowing how to use ProsperFleet, we can educate about fleet and company data, and tips to find the data you need.

You can also visit our extensive Help Center, and live chat is also available with customer service.

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Any questions not answered?

Call us or set a meeting to learn more about ProsperFleet.