Peace of Mind with
Data Cleansing

Your CRM constantly churns:
Account turnover, job changes, pipeline changes, M&A.

Data quickly goes obsolete.

No problem. We take care of it all.

Peace of Mind with Clean B2B Sales and Marketing Data
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Four Steps to Sales Growth

Clean, reliable data is vital for sales success.
High quality data requires a systemic approach for results you can be confident about.
Valgen's holistic, robust, disciplined Managed Data Services solution gets data quality right, and keeps it that way.
  • 1


    Fix your data right.

    Get started with cleansing and validating your existing data. Understand gaps and take quick remedial action.

  • 2


    Understand & visualize your data.

    Apply advanced methods for deduplication and record management. Identify key insights and begin visualizing info.

  • 3


    Get insights about your business.

    Enrich and append data to create a 360 view of customers and market. Make apps and users powerful and productive.

  • 4


    Act on a cohesive data strategy.

    Refresh to avoid erosion of data quality. Instill data governance and align with your business processes.

Cleaner Data = Higher Revenue

Clean data reveals revenue opportunities.

Our advanced algorithms identified 97% more campaign responses, resulting in +$3.4M revenue attribution.

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Higher match rate with 12-Pass Fuzzy Matching

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More buyers identified than in-house solution
Dedupe Salesforce Lead Account Contact Records

Complete B2B Data Cleansing
for Sales & Marketing

Cleaning, de-duping and enriching B2B data is a never-ending process. It needs an array of skills and tools.

Our expert team takes pride in keeping your data in top shape for marketing and sales activities.

Full List of Data Cleansing Services

  • 1


    • Deduplication
    • Address Verification (CASS)
    • Business/Residential Address
    • Change of Address/NCOA
    • Email 4-Stage Verification
    • Phone Verification
    • Landline/Mobile Flag
    • Do Not Call FTC Registry Flag
    • Reverse Phone Search
    • IP Locator/Geo Finder
    • Title/Role/Function Cleansing
    • Sparsity Analysis
    • Field/Picklist Correction
    • Best Practice Recommendations

  • 2


    • Geocoding Addresses
    • Reverse Geocoding
    • Advanced Deduplication
    • Merge Purge & Consolidate
    • Master-Subordinate Keys
    • Data Gap Analysis
    • Transform Data for Analytics
    • Top Industries Analysis
    • Primary/Related Analysis
    • Existing Data Enrichment
    • Salesforce Report/Dashboard
    • Data Acquisition Strategy

  • 3


    • 12-Pass Fuzzy Deduping
    • Custom Business Rules
    • Parent-Child Hierarchy
    • Record Survivorship
    • Demographics Append
    • Contact/Social Media Append
    • Firmographics Append
    • Fleet Data Append
    • Customer 360 Segmentation
    • Market 360 Segmentation
    • AI/Predictive Analytics Prep
    • Salesforce Einstein Setup

  • 4


    • Tailored Update Cycles
    • Refresh Contact Info
    • Refresh Deduplication
    • Refresh Data Append
    • Health Check Report
    • Bulk/Batch Management
    • Optimize Salesforce Storage
    • Data Quality for Apps
    • External Data Integration
    • Marketing/Sales Alignment

Let's get your data in shape,
and keep it that way!

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