Research: Commercial Fleet & Trucking Market

The automotive and commercial fleet markets continually go through regulatory, technological, and economic change. Research can help you keep up-to-date with timely trends and be relevant well into the future.

ProsperFleet data has been instrumental for analyses in finance, capital markets, mergers & acquisitions, management consulting, strategic advisory firms, marketing agencies, and survey organizations – and then driving actionability to reach fleets.

ProsperFleet supports research in several ways. We provide comprehensive, customized reports based on overlaying market data with additional datasets to draw unparalleled insights. Our datasets are delivered in multiple formats, delivery methods, frequency, and volume to suit any analytic needs. We work with end users to extract the best value from operational services.

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Commercial Fleet Market Research

What happens if you do not invest in research?

Lack of research assures status quo. If your industry, company or market is dynamic, you will be left behind.

Research drives innovation and disruption, and leads to new business models. This depends on access to accurate and complete data. ProsperFleet’s dataset of vehicles in operation goes through internal and external validation checks across multiple sources of business and public information and domain knowledge. Inconsistent values are adjusted, outliers removed, and company hierarchies updated. The result is, even a somewhat similar dataset elsewhere will be no match to the quality of ProsperFleet.

Without this level of diligence, recommendations don’t earn the trust of key decision-makers.

The right data combined with appropriate analytic methods can accurately answer questions about the past, present and future.

What are the consequences for sales and marketing?

Strategic changes to sales and marketing processes need a lot of diligence.


  • Take time for impact to be felt
  • Need iteration based on feedback from market testing
  • Often have long term consequences.

Example: Creating sales segments such as SMB, mid-market and enterprise, based on fleet size. While this may seem like a simple exercise, you have to get it right, and communicate clearly across the organization. Our segmentation engagement — when combined with a “test and validate” execution plan — gives an unbiased, vetted, and effective framework that can be deployed immediately, gain adoption quickly, and earn trust with transparency.

Lack of research assures status quo.

How does ProsperFleet solve these problems?

ProsperFleet’s data and analytics research helps:

  • Explore: Gather, synthesize and discover new possibilities
  • Describe: Identify existing relationships and patterns
  • Predict: What customers are doing and will continue to do

The right data combined with appropriate analytic methods can accurately answer questions accurately about the past, present and future.

Our research datasets deliver a multi-dimensional wealth of company, firmographic, geography, fleet, and contact data to answer questions and make critical decisions with confidence.

Trucking Market Research
Fleet Electric Vehicle Dataset

Research: Commercial Fleet Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

Our research answers pressing questions like who are the leading adopters? Which industries have high propensity for conversion? Who are the next wave of adopters?

Fleet Data Research Case Study

Research: A Case Study

A private equity firm wanted to go beyond revenue, profitability and growth rate, and believed that fleet information could provide indicators, or validate traditional financial metrics.