Sell More with Predictive Analytics

This is the story of how Valgen started back in 2009 …

When a sales team at a mature Fortune 500 firm shoots from #12 to #2 in company rankings practically overnight, people ask questions. 

Wouldn’t you?

This team’s fast sales gain was the equivalent of an extra month of revenue. But without the extra month of effort.

The team was using predictive analytics, but they didn’t really know it. What they knew was, every day they got a list of customers to contact. And they contacted them. And they sold more. The customers seemed ready, receptive.

The sales team was happy. Not only did they get congratulations, they got commissions. Other teams took quick notice and wanted the advantage too. And it spread from there across 2,000 reps. What was it? It was the beginnings of ProsperVue.

It was very gratifying to see true results happen for people. Much gain, without pain. Seeing people benefit from predictive analytics is our passion. That’s why we want to see more sales teams discover how it can add value to them.

That’s why we started Valgen. It’s even in our name. Valgen = value generation.

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