Selling to Fleets Playbook

Accelerate sales to fleets throughout the customer journey.

Tips for your marketing and sales playbooks. Grounded in data and how to best use it.

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Finding Selling Marketing to Fleet Owners and Trucking

1. TAM: Your Potential Fleet Market

TAM = Total Addressable Market, the most amount of revenue you can generate by selling to your fleet market. And because you sell to fleets, think of it as the Fleet Addressable Market (FAM).

It’s mostly used to know the revenue potential for your product or service, and to communicate that to investors.

But, unless you’re a company with a monopoly – obviously very rare – you can’t capture this entire FAM. It’s a good first step to know your market, before you drill down further to identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).


2. ICP: Your Ideal Customers

ICP = Ideal Customer Profile. What fleet is most likely to need and buy your product or service?

Most people think about fleet size, type of vehicle, geographic location. And while that’s important, also consider: What types of customers convert from leads to customers faster for you? Which pay more (e.g. don’t pressure for heavy discounts)? Which pay you faster? Which are more likely to be long-term customers? Who is more profitable? Who can you realistically serve well?

These factors are important for your revenue and other business metrics.


3. Reach Prospects with Fleet Market Data

To reach your ideal customers, it helps to have data about the companies, fleet vehicles, and contacts.

As we’ve worked with fleet data for almost 15 years, we’ve learned that not all fleet data is the same. You need to find the data that best matches the audience you want to reach. There’s also tricks to make the most of your budget.


4. Focus on the Best Prospects

Once you’re receiving a steady stream of leads, you’re running campaigns and calls, and converting to customers, you’ll find some customers are more desirable for your business than others.

This is when you analyze, and focus your data and lead generation on the best prospects for you.


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