Selling to Fleets Playbook

Accelerate sales to fleets throughout the customer journey

More leads. More repeat sales. More at-risk customers saved.
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Selling to Fleet Owners Playbook

Customer Acquisition: Prospecting & Lead Generation

How to Lower Costs of Outbound Prospect Lists

Lower the high hidden costs of fleet owner list acquisition

I know you’re in a hurry to feed SDRs with more prospect lists about fleet owners. But throwing more data at the team won’t increase conversion. …

Selling Telematics to Fleets

Successfully sell to fleet owners in the rapidly evolving fleet market

There’s an exciting future in commercial fleet! But the tide may not lift all boats. See how you can rise to the top in marketing to fleet owners. ...

Fleet Lead Data How to Avoid Buying Lemons

Avoid lemons when you acquire fleet lead data

To improve ROI, you need to understand various lead data sources, know the pros and cons, and know what you can do to improve results. … READ MORE

Field Service Fleet Owners

Beyond plumbing & HVAC: Reach more local fleets and field service fleets

There’s a common audience that nearly everyone who sells to “van and pickup truck” local fleets want to reach: Plumbers. That also means, everyone is contacting them! Let’s look at other potential prospects. … READ MORE

Fleet Safety Professionals

Reach fleet safety job titles, not fire/food/nuclear/water/etc. safety

If you’ve ever searched for safety job titles, you know there are many specialties in safety. Here’s a list of words to suppress, so you can focus your prospect lists on fleet and transportation safety. … READ MORE