Our data isn't working for us ... now what?

We’re surrounded by the siren calls of AI tools, analytics and signals.

But these are more of a hindrance than a help, if you have too much bad or missing data.

Most sales and marketing teams are dealing with foundational problems with their data. It’s a challenge to manage the inflow of data from many sources, deduplicate in Salesforce, and keep data enriched enough to get the valid insights that can drive your business growth.

We’ll share the opportunities for improvement – where can you start, in a realistic way?

Thursday, May 23, 2024

11-11:40 am ET
8-8:40 am PT
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Angie Henkel – Director of Marketing Operations, Ridecell

Director of Marketing Operations at Ridecell, I have been using Salesforce for over 10 years and working with Valgen for that same amount of time! I have been with start-ups, mid-sized and huge, Fortune 500 companies (including Fleetmatics/Verizon Connect) and have had the opportunity to be in many different operations roles throughout and see how data can impact sales and marketing positively. As tech changes, grows, and influences what I do, there is always more opportunity to build in new ways to influence processes to have more impact.

Speaker Angie Henkel
Parth Srinivasa – President, Valgen

Rainmaker extraordinaire for our clients. Turns databases into gold. Analytics executive and entrepreneur with a track record of producing significant and sustained revenue gains for marketing and sales teams in fleet, transportation, SaaS and financial services.

Speaker Parth Srinivasa

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