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It's All About Relationships

Nurturing one customer at a time

B2B environments are complex because one entity often doesn't manage the entire sales cycle.
Your rep may serve ten customers or a hundred; they may be captive, independent or a partner. But each business sale is never a one-off. It is part of a chain to become the trusted advisor. To effectively serve customers in this situation, an organization must:
  • Understand the macro environment of products, services and markets
  • Determine the data to collect from or provide to another entity
  • Produce detailed forecasts under uncertainty of supply and demand
  • Centralize and distribute intelligent information to internal and external parties

In this complex environment, data and analytics expertise provides the crucial advantage.
Valgen's experience with global B2B companies can accelerate your initiatives.

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Turning salespeople into trusted advisors

Valgen's purchase timing models, product propensity, and market analyses provide necessary intelligence to add value to a conversation and earn that coveted trust.
To be trusted, sales reps must be prepared, knowledgeable and relevant, and able to add value by:
  • Having intelligence on when and why customer is ready to engage
  • Understanding customer history, patterns and their significance now
  • Recommending new products or services, retire obsolete ones
  • Sharing knowledge about industry and peer trends

Our neutrality is your credibility

Our ability to serve as a trusted third party brings a unique advantage to deliver analyses that would otherwise not be possible.
For example:
  • OEM and reseller whitespace analysis:  From an objective third party perspective, we bring together databases where direct exchange between the two parties is not feasible or desirable.
  • Programmatic media spend analysis:  OEMs spend significant amounts in advertising on third party sites. They need to know the ROI on their expenditure to justify or amend their program.
  • Partial or anonymous data analysis:  When data exchanged between different parties are incomplete – such as between distributors and resellers, or insurance carriers and independent agents – Valgen’s data processing and data matching can create a complete and valid dataset, to be used in deriving insights.
Building Trust in B2B Sales

Our significant investments in data processing expertise, B2B database licenses, and strong vendor relationships can be leveraged cost-effectively for clients.