Reach Fleets with Strategic Market Intelligence

  • Find your highest potential fleet markets

  • Accelerate business development results

  • Maximize customer lifetime value

A complete suite of intelligence.

Fleet market and analytics for business development.

Total Addressable Market

Revenue Potential Analysis

Top Industry Groups

Market Segmentation

Predictive Lead Scoring

Campaign Performance Analysis

Propensity Models

Don’t stop once they buy.

You need repeat orders and subscription renewals to recover customer acquisition costs.
Grow customer lifetime value with actionable insights.

Cross-Sell & Upsell

Next Product Recommendation

Renewals & Retention

Using predictive analytics, Valgen's insights changed how we approach our business. For example, how 70% of our reps' time was spent chasing leads that were 42% below average. A real eye-opener! Actionable, seamless, scalable.
Verizon Connect Marketing Lead Generation to Commercial Fleet Owners
Fleet MRO

Fleet MRO

Fleet Driver Safety Training

Safety & Training

Fleet Telematics


Fuel & Distribution

Finance & Leasing

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial Insurance

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