Strategic Fleet Market Intelligence

  • Find your highest potential fleet markets

  • Accelerate business development results

  • Maximize customer lifetime value

Fleet MRO

Fleet Repair

Fleet Driver Safety Training

Safety Technology
Driver Training

Fleet Telematics

Asset Tracking

Fuel Distribution
Fuel Cards

Fleet Vehicle
Finance & Leasing

Trucking & Commercial
Auto Insurance

A Complete Suite of Trucking & Fleet Market Intelligence

Data and analytics for marketing to fleet owners

Total Addressable Market

Revenue Potential Analysis

Top Industry Groups

Fleet Market Segmentation

Predictive Lead Scoring

Campaign Performance Analysis

Propensity Models

Don’t Stop Once They Buy …

You need repeat orders & subscription renewals to recover customer acquisition costs faster.

Sell at the Right Time

Contact customers precisely when they’re ready to order, through the channel they prefer. Predict next purchase date and trigger calls to action to ensure all accounts are worked relative to their buying cycles. Gain incremental revenue and strengthen your relationships with customers.

Next Purchase Recommendation

Identify customers most likely to accelerate from second through fourth purchase in a compressed timeframe. Accelerating early orders generates more orders, higher average order size, higher lifetime value and more predictable revenue streams over a customer’s lifetime.

Renewals & Retention

Identify at-risk customers long before renewal time, so you have time to take action. Significantly increase renewal rates by telling sales reps when it’s the best time to call customers with upcoming contract or subscription renewals. We focus on growing Customer Lifetime Value.

How It Works

  • Assess Data

    Assess Your
    Existing Data

    Identify your indicators for ideal customers, lifetime value etc.

  • High Potential Markets

    Identify High
    Potential Markets

    Know your best customers & industries. Prioritize for growth.

  • Align Marketing and Sales

    Align Data Across
    Marketing & Sales

    Feed data for the right message,
    right time, right prospect.

  • 4.
    Get Data That
    Drives Your Growth

    We'll deliver just-in-time fleet data aligned with your strategy.

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