How to Get Fleet Maintenance Accounts

Tips for Selling to Fleets

Selling to Fleet Accounts

  • Decide fleet size and vehicle types you can handle.
  • Many shops market with a direct mail piece like postcards.
  • Prepare a packet of info about your services, capabilities, staff experience and certifications. Include fleet customer testimonials. Include a map with your location(s), contact information, website or Facebook address.
  • Create a packaged service for fleet maintenance.
  • Offer a fleet vehicle inspection package.
  • Consider mobile fleet maintenance – go to your client’s location.
  • Appeal to their need for uptime and vehicle reliability. They need quick turnaround to keep their vehicles on the road. Consider evening and weekend service times for fleet customers, so they can use their vehicles during weekdays Monday-Friday.
  • Your warranty can be a factor in their decision and confidence.
  • Send advance notifications so they can schedule inspections and maintenance.
  • If you use a shop management system or fleet maintenance software that communicates with fleet managers, promote this.
  • If they have their own maintenance and repair facility, there may be opportunity for parts sales.
  • When you talk with fleets, you could mention other nearby fleets similar to them that you work with – similar industries, similar vehicles. This builds confidence.
  • Remember that employees also work at businesses with fleets and they may live in the area. You could create a fleet employee program where they benefit from bringing their personal vehicles to you.

Business Issues

  • Bigger fleets may likely negotiate prices, but volume can be much higher. Consider how this works with your business. Perhaps discount only when payments are made immediately or on time. Or offer rebates based on volume levels of purchases.
  • Write clear terms: payment and collection terms, purchase order policies, and customer-provided parts policies.
  • Provide your prices in writing and consider guaranteeing prices to fleets for a year.
  • Consider a deposit when picking up vehicles.
  • Know what documentation is important to each fleet.
  • Maintain relationships with decision-makers as well as the drivers.
  • Discuss what makes a convenient drop-off and pick-up for fleets. If this costs you time, cover for it in pricing.
  • Have criteria to evaluate what fleets will be good customers for you.
  • You could ask for credit references, and references from previous repair facilities.
  • Don’t allow a single fleet customer to become more than 10-15% of your total revenue.

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