3 Ways Geofencing Can Improve Sales & Lead Generation

3 ways geofencing can improve sales

GeoFencing Salesforce

Geo-fencing is the latest in customer targeting. While there is a ton written about using geo-fencing as an advertising tool, there is little written about how to use it in a sales environment.

Geo-fencing is a virtual perimeter that allows users to see existing clients and leads on a map. For sales professionals with access to a geo-location tool in CRM (such as Valgen’s ProsperVue for Salesforce), targeting and selling to a specific geographic area has never been more simple.

Geo-fencing is an effective way for sales reps to create a virtual perimeter around their territory. Then they can do quick focused searches to pull up valuable data within their territory.

1. Get Precise Local Search Results

Create your own custom search results by drawing a virtual perimeter (a fence) around a client, customer, lead or geographical area that you want to target. By focusing on a specific perimeter, you can localize your search.

Do you have happy customers in your target area? When talking with prospects, you can easily find your nearby customers with a geo-fencing tool. You can mention nearby customers as references.

If you have the data in CRM, you can also look up local customers that are most relevant to your prospect — customers in the same industry, of similar revenue size, or customers who bought the same product that you’re proposing to a prospect.

2. Quickly Target High-Value Leads

Sifting through thousands of contacts, wondering who to call? Deciding which number to dial first can be a challenge, especially when trying to keep up with demanding sales quotas. By visualizing your high-value sales targets geographically, you can better position yourself to make more effective calls.

You can sort local leads by fields most relevant to what you’re selling: by industry, revenue size, etc. You can visually see which leads you should prioritize.

3. In-depth Analytics

With highly-targeted data and exact search criteria, you are better equipped with accurate, timely data you can use to make critical decisions. Like who’s in your area, which clients are close by, and who is more likely to make a purchase, all within one view. Instead of reacting, you can proactively respond, giving you a greater opportunity to drive revenue.

When given these tools, sales reps can enhance their productivity and drive results quickly and easier than ever before. Learn more by visiting ProsperVue on the AppExchange.


ProsperVue web site | Prospervue on the AppExchange

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