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Telematics, SaaS for fleets, vehicle maintenance, aftermarket, truck upfitting, fuel distribution, logistics and more.
We accelerate pipeline for our clients who seek the right companies with fleets at the right time for a sale, paving the way for high growth rates.
  • Addressable Market Sizing
  • Penetration and Potential Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
Commercial Fleet Data
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We use data to pinpoint bottlenecks to growth and productivity. Then strategize how to clear the path.
Our commercial fleet lead generation data and analytics helped a telematics inside sales team generate YoY 30% new customer growth … 6 years in a row!
We connect the dots between sales process, quality of data, and opportunities in selling to fleets:
  • Pipeline stage duration analysis
  • Lost opportunity analysis by vehicle type
  • Prospect scoring, top industry groups

ProsperFleet data to accelerate your sales to fleets

B2B lead generation data on businesses with vehicles
Rich, complete marketing data on companies, contacts & vehicles. Tailored to fit your market and customer profile. We analyze your data to deliver leads targeted for your best growth potential.
  • Light, medium and heavy duty vehicles – Class 1 to 8
  • Sedans, pickups, vans, all trucks
  • 865,000 U.S. companies with 5+ vehicles
  • 1M locations with fleets
  • 20M vehicles in operation with VIN detail
  • 10M contacts with detailed job titles
Commercial Fleet Data and Industry Expertise

From local trades & last mile delivery, to national trucking fleets

map your data in Salesforce with ProsperVue

  • Find fleet leads in priority industries & geographic areas
  • See happy customers closest to your prospects, for local references
  • Select local data for event marketing campaigns and travel planning
  • Assign fleet leads to sales reps in territories
  • Much more, all in Salesforce

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