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Find fleet safety professionals – not fire, food, nuclear, water safety

Fleet Safety Job Titles

If you’ve ever searched for safety job titles, you know there are many specialties in safety.

Our clients often want to reach fleet safety professionals who have influence or decision-making about vehicle and driver safety needs. So, they aren’t looking to reach the food, nuclear and radiation safety job titles.

Obviously you can search for “fleet safety” and “EHS” professionals. But, not all people whose jobs oversee fleet safety have those words in their job titles. So you may want to also search for general safety job titles.

The problem is, you will likely get many irrelevant specialized safety job titles. Companies in the food business that have large fleets could have food safety and fleet safety professionals. So we have a list to suppress/exclude the specialty job titles that are likely not relevant.

This suppress list works best if you need thousands, or tens of thousands, of contacts to run email campaigns or large scale outbound calling. It can save you time in reviewing long lists of job titles. And save you money from acquiring contacts you won’t use. Plus, your eyes will thank you!

If you research contacts one by one, this list can help you refine your searches in LinkedIn Navigator and other prospecting tools.

Key words to suppress:

  • Air
  • Aircraft
  • Airworthiness
  • Aquatic
  • Aviation
  • Biosafety
  • Building
  • Campus
  • Chemical
  • Child
  • Clinical
  • Consumer
  • Cyber
  • Fire
  • Food
  • Life
  • Marine
  • Nuclear
  • Nurse
  • Patient
  • Product
  • Professor
  • Quality Control
  • Radiation
  • Water
  • Weapons


  • Public Safety — This depends, take a closer look at the titles. If your audience is law enforcement, EMS, fire, you may need to filter to keep the leadership level decision-making jobs that have “public safety” in them.
  • School — Also depends on whether schools/school bus operations are among your ideal customer profiles.

Suppressing these key terms should help you focus on finding fleet safety professionals.

We have a database of fleets with contacts including safety, DOT compliance, operations, fleet managers, etc. If you need to reach these contacts, check out ProsperFleet.

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