How to Successfully Sell in the Rapidly Evolving Commercial Fleet Market

Selling to Commercial Fleets

There’s an exciting future in commercial fleet! But the tide may not lift all boats. Over at LinkedIn, we share how you can rise to the top in marketing to fleet owners.

With the rapid pace of technology innovation, what worked for business development in the last 5 years will not work in the next 5 years.

Telematics, GPS, ADAS, ELD, eDVIR, SaaS — they are all bringing a head-spinning mix of change. And now, 3G gives way to 4G then 5G. There will be both tremendous opportunities and challenges as a result.

Despite the dramatic shifts, we found a common pattern in those with growth and momentum. They:

  • Operate is if the target market is finite
  • Position clearly in niche markets
  • Build a strong prospect database program

Visit our article at LinkedIn to see recommendations about how to sell in a changing commercial fleet market.



We also created a tip sheet with advice:

  • Know your market well
  • Know your buyers even better
  • Capture knowledge in a prospecting database

Download it here:

Commercial Fleet Business Prospecting



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