LinkedIn company pages & fleet employees: Where is everybody?!

SMB Mid Market Fleets

If you disqualify fleet leads by checking the number of employees on a company’s LinkedIn page, you might throw out many good leads.

Especially if you sell to SMB and mid-market fleets in HVAC, construction, utilities, waste and public works, transport and delivery – any heavily blue collar industry.

Because not everybody is on LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn company page might show 6, 12 or 20 employees.

And you might think, naaahhh.

How can they have many vehicles? Moving on.

Hold on before you move on! We reviewed LinkedIn company pages + fleet data for thousands of companies. We might see registered vehicle data showing 30 vehicles for a company. And we look at the website and see proud vans and trucks all lined up with vehicle wraps and company logos. We see dozens of employees smiling for the camera.

Then, we look at the company LinkedIn page and see 6 employees.

Where is everybody?

They’re there, driving and working for their employers.

They’re just not on LinkedIn.

Those of us in B2B sales and marketing might live on LinkedIn and Navigator, but not all professions are as crazy about LinkedIn.

For many people, LinkedIn doesn’t matter at all. They don’t network for jobs there. There isn’t much content for them. So why should they spend time there? If they are there, they have only a handful of contacts.

So if you find this, don’t judge.

Look at other ways to verify size of the company and the fleet …

How to Overcome Uncertainty from Low LinkedIn Employee Numbers

If you’re working a prospect list and visiting LinkedIn pages, go the “last mile” of research:

  • Review company firmographics data if you have it: annual revenue, etc.
  • Dig into the websites and Facebook pages. Look for obvious signs like drone photos that show warehouses with trucks lined up at loading bays.
  • See if the company serves many enterprise commercial clients and large projects.
  • See how many locations they have.
  • Look at their “about” or “team” page. If they have many VPs and other executive titles, they have a management structure that’s supporting many employees you may not see online.
  • If you see any fleet management or fleet maintenance job title, they have enough vehicles to need that position.

Let’s remember what matters though: How many vehicles does the company have?

Is there a LinkedIn for that?

Kinda. Because the data that we can see, where we know the company is bigger than what we see on LinkedIn? It’s our ProsperFleet data. We can use fleet size, vehicle data and company firmographics to find fleets that fit your target market with our data and analytics services.

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