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How to do fast easy customer segmentation in Salesforce

ProsperVue Customer Segmentation in Salesforce

Relevant customer and prospect groups in Salesforce help your sales reps. They do this by grouping one or more fields into manageable and actionable targets. Today we show you a fast way to create these groups.

For example, “number of dials” and “recency of dials” are two fields that are important to reps and managers. By taking the mid-point of these two fields, we can create a simple high/low segmentation. You can call it “Call Intensity” with four segments: High/High, High/Low, Low/High, and Low/Low.

Most segmentation groups like this are not easy to create.

Now there’s a solution in Salesforce

We have fixed this problem. We took the hassle out of creating segmentation, so you can take actions quickly. ProsperVue comes with pre-built segments for standard and custom Salesforce objects and fields. Your sales reps and Salesforce users can get started in minutes, with few clicks.

Pre-built segmentations give users predefined rules that make it easier to target specific leads and accounts, and to monitor internal sales activity. We set up frequently-used segments so you can get started fast. And, you can also still create your own custom segments with a marketing or analytics manager.

Our pre-built segments are grouped by family – activity, transactions, demographic, geographic, and composite. These segments can be used during all stages of the sales cycle. They are designed to quickly accelerate pipelines. For example, you can use the segments to easily engage with new leads with email campaigns. Or, target your repeat accounts so you can continue to sell more of what they need.

Pre-built segments make your life easier. Along with customization options, there are truly no limits to how you can use them.

Visit ProsperVue on the AppExchange for all details about this app for Salesforce.

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