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Managed Data Services for Salesforce

Your Salesforce org is constantly changing:
Data, users, pipeline changes, M&A and more.
Existing data is going obsolete. No problem.

We take care of it all.

Peace of Mind with Clean B2B Sales and Marketing Data

ProsperServe: Managed Data Services for Salesforce

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Four Steps to Sales Growth

Clean, reliable data is vital for sales success.
Achieving high quality data requires a systemic approach to provide confident results.
Valgen's holistic, robust, disciplined solution gets data quality right, and keeps it that way.
  • 1


    Fix your data right.

    Get started with cleansing and validating your existing data. Understand gaps and take quick remedial action.

  • 2


    Understand & visualize your data.

    Apply advanced methods for deduplication and record management. Identify key insights and begin visualizing info.

  • 3


    Get insights about your business.

    Enrich and append data to create a 360 view of customers and market. Make apps and users powerful and productive.

  • 4


    Act on a cohesive data strategy.

    Refresh to avoid erosion of data quality. Instill data governance and align with your business processes.

Complete Data Hygiene for B2B Sales & Marketing

Cleaning, de-duping and enriching B2B data is a never-ending process. It needs an array of skills and tools. Our expert team takes pride in keeping your data in top shape for marketing and sales activities.

Cleaner Data = Higher Revenue

Our advanced algorithms identified 97% more campaign responses, resulting in +$3.4M revenue attribution.

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Higher match rate with 12-Pass Fuzzy Matching

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More buyers identified than in-house solution


Try the Assess Intro Package for basic data cleansing.

Or subscribe to Annual Managed Services to dedupe, validate and enhance continuously.

Get a custom quote to match your needs.

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Assess Intro Package
One-Time, 5 Week Project
Assess Stage
Cleanse Existing Data
Validate Address, Phone, Email
100,000 record limit
Any 2 Salesforce Objects
Managed Services Subscription
$2,000 and up
/ month
Annual Contract for Services
Assess, Advance, Accelerate, Succeed
Fully Customizable
Seamless Upload to Salesforce
Refresh Processes Daily to Monthly
Align with Sales & Marketing Processes

Full List of Data Hygiene & Analytic Services

  • 1


    • Deduplication
    • Address Verification (CASS)
    • Business/Residential Address
    • Change of Address/NCOA
    • Email 4-Stage Verification
    • Phone Verification
    • Landline/Mobile Flag
    • Do Not Call FTC Registry Flag
    • Reverse Phone Search
    • IP Locator/Geo Finder
    • Title/Role/Function Cleansing
    • Sparsity Analysis
    • Field/Picklist Correction
    • Best Practice Recommendations

  • 2


    • Geocoding Addresses
    • Reverse Geocoding
    • Advanced Deduplication
    • Merge Purge & Consolidate
    • Master-Subordinate Keys
    • Data Gap Analysis
    • Transform Data for Analytics
    • Top Industries Analysis
    • Primary/Related Analysis
    • Existing Data Enrichment
    • Salesforce Report/Dashboard
    • Data Acquisition Strategy

  • 3


    • 12-Pass Fuzzy Deduping
    • Custom Business Rules
    • Parent-Child Hierarchy
    • Record Survivorship
    • Demographics Append
    • Contact/Social Media Append
    • Firmographics Append
    • Fleet Data Append
    • Customer 360 Segmentation
    • Market 360 Segmentation
    • AI/Predictive Analytics Prep
    • Salesforce Einstein Setup

  • 4


    • Tailored Update Cycles
    • Refresh Contact Info
    • Refresh Deduplication
    • Refresh Data Append
    • Health Check Report
    • Bulk/Batch Management
    • Optimize Salesforce Storage
    • Data Quality for Apps
    • External Data Integration
    • Marketing/Sales Alignment