Captivate Prospects with Location-Based Email Campaigns

Reach prospects where they’re at, literally, with location-based email campaigns

Location-Based Marketing Email Campaigns in Salesforce

We can send email from anywhere, to anywhere and everywhere. There are few geographic boundaries constraining email. But maybe you want geographic boundaries. What about email campaigns with specific location relevance? What about fine-tuning messages to geographic segmentations?

We’re not talking about sending generic email blasts. That’s so 2005. We’re talking about location- or proximity-driven campaigns that are specific to a certain territory, state, county, or even ZIP code.

One application of this idea: You can share success stories of nearby customers to enhance local reference selling.

How? Using our ProsperVue app for Salesforce, follow these steps:

  1. Select current successful accounts in a region
  2. Identify prospects within 50 miles (or, more or fewer miles, depending on how local geography affects your business)
  3. Filter by size or industry
  4. Add to a campaign

Let your targeted messaging do the rest.

Our clients know that prospects often ask these questions: Who else do you sell to like me that I might know? And what have you done for them? ProsperVue’s local geographic mapping features allow you to answer these questions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.18.03 PM


Here are more scenarios where specific locations can be useful:

Do you need to streamline calls you make every day?

Do you want to highlight a regional promotion?

Quickly add prospects in the same geographic area into a campaign, and send locally-relevant emails to multiple prospects at once with just a few clicks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.21.03 PM


Our sales clients find that prospects appreciate the personal touch in a world of mind-numbing email blasts. Differentiate from your competitors who are cluttering up your prospects’ in-boxes.

Targeting prospects with location-based marketing and selling can deliver sales connects:

Using one of Valgen’s clients as an example, we saw 16% more appointments and 26% larger deal size!

ProsperVue for Salesforce will allow you to captivate your prospects and customers in just a few clicks.


ProsperVue is the smarter mapping solution to accelerate inside sales appointments, prioritize field visits, and drive nearby renewals.  ProsperVue gives your inside sales teams – business development as well as customer service – and the field teams visual maps to see their territories without leaving Salesforce.  ProsperVue has proven to deliver key inside sales features designed to delight customers and close deals faster in a high volume calling environment.

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