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Five ways to use geo-location tools for sales calls

Salesforce Geolocation Tools Sales Calls

Connecting with prospects is challenging even for the most experienced sales professionals. Hurdles you may face include field competition, lack of customer confidence, and getting the attention of your prospects.

These obstacles can be overcome by using the right tools when you approach a lead. Here are five effective ways to conquer sales calls with Salesforce geo-location apps:

1. Prospect Leads By Neighborhood

Research potential clients by sorting through local and neighborhood data where you already have clients. Sharing information about your local connections in the community can lend you credibility. Layer in some scoring data (likely to buy or likely product) to sort who you call first.

2. Targeted Event Planning

Track and compile lists of potential attendees with just a few clicks and keystrokes. If you’re hosting an event near current clients or prospects, you can find them easily using the mapping function. Add and act on fields like last activity date or last sales touch so things don’t fall through the cracks.

3. Find Common Connection

While a prospect will buy based on your value proposition, they are buying from you as a person. Establish rapport early in the call with a common connection that you can find by researching their neighborhood, and your LinkedIn network, groups and interests.

4. Precise Client Tracking

Use geo-fencing to determine which local accounts you’re servicing that are in close proximity to your current prospect.

5. Select Radius Distance for Research

In some cases, it makes sense to research, compare and reference a small geographic area, say 5 or 10 miles. In other cases, cast a wide geographic net like 100 miles and then filter the list based on other criteria.

These steps can be accomplished quickly with our ProsperVue app for Salesforce, which provides a local map and links to the above information for leads, opportunities and accounts. Several of our customers have told us that the the app helps inside sales reps to do fast basic research before each call, helping them feel more prepared.

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