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How to boost call center productivity with Salesforce tools

Boost Call Center Productivity

Call centers are all about balancing transactions and relationships. On a daily basis, reps are measured by wait times, how quickly calls are handled, call resolution, and customer satisfaction of the call outcome.

In addition to these short-term metrics of call center productivity, every transaction sows the seeds for a long-term relationship and increased customer lifetime value.

So what can we do to maximize both short- and long-term?

Of course coaching and training is one way. A close second is tools for Salesforce, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud that balance today’s productivity with next year’s ongoing customer relationships.

How to boost call center productivity (and morale too!) …

Call center productivity can be boosted in several ways, with the aid of call planning and visualization tools. Here’s how:

1. Define a strategic call outcome with quality prep

We often hear that preparation improves the quality. By looking at preparation as a quality issue, you move away from mostly transactional thinking, to more strategic planning that’s focused on the customer. Visual tools can help reps to do efficient research before calls, and then set strategic goals. Helpful call center tools will gather all important research tools in one spot.

2. Know who you are talking with

Before and during calls, reps should be able to access the most important information in an organized way. Things like information about the lead being called, together with nearby accounts that purchased a similar product or service, and summary statistics of benefits. When this information is well organized in CRM, it can be used to build a connection during the call. Efficiently and productively!

3. Track “information metrics”

You can track which CRM information is useful to the rep, the info they return to over and over again, and which information improves the connect rate. These metrics can be compared to the final customer outcomes, so you can make changes to improve outcomes. This feedback is what strengthens a Salesforce tool’s usefulness to reps.

4. Provide time-saving one-click steps

Often, unfortunately, online data is insufficient, inaccurate or simply out of date. A single click for a quick search that finds the current, correct data saves ten clicks. Looking up relationships and connections in LinkedIn, directions on maps, etc. can be made simple through one-click buttons on a simple layout in Salesforce.

5. Arrange all this in one spot

All this info should be delivered simply in a single location, so the rep can get information instantly without distraction.

6. Make it visual

Use Salesforce tools that show information visually. We are visual creatures. Research shows that we process images 60,000 times faster than text. So transforming Salesforce data from mind-numbing lists of words and numbers, to images like points plotted on a map, or interactive graphics, can help reps use data faster and easier.


Okay, so how does this boost morale? Time after time, sales managers have told us that reps work best from a single “go-to” location that empowers them with information. In addition, this can reduce the fatigue of high volume, transactional calls. It also helps to elevate the rep to the realm of a relationship, so they enjoy every conversation. And that is the most priceless gift you can give to your reps to increase call center productivity.

For an example of a tool that makes all these steps possible, see ProsperVue on our website and the AppExchange.

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