60-Second Sales Call Checklist for Inside Sales

60-second sales call checklist

Sales Call Checklist

Much like how you would warm up before a workout session, you should prep for success before making a sales call. Knowing certain things before calling a prospect will give you leverage during the sales call. If you have the right tools, this important prep needn’t take much time at all. To help you …

Here is a 6-step sales call checklist that you can do in 60 seconds:

1. Confirm your CRM contact data

Having the correct information for the lead’s name, job title, address, website and phone number will make for a smooth call from the outset. If anything is incorrect, you can quickly update it.

2. Review your lead’s background info

Knowing details like the lead’s industry, products and services, revenue and employee size will show that you did your homework. If the company is large enough to have a media section on their website with press releases, read them so you know the latest news that’s important to the company. This shows you are paying attention to the prospect. They’re not just another number on your call list.

3. Get familiar with the prospect’s neighborhood

It’s important to know the local area so you can make a connection during the call. Mentioning other clients you serve in the area can be an icebreaker. If you can see your nearby accounts on a map along with the lead, this step is easy to do.

4. Research the person you are calling on LinkedIn

If you have shared LinkedIn connections in your networks, or you share similar groups or business interests, you can mention it on the call.

5. Find local accounts that are similar to your lead

Being able to talk about other clients you serve in their region that are similar can lead to conversations about how you can help the prospect, too. Look for similarities in industry, product, service, market served and company size.

6. Reference similar products or services purchased by nearby customers

Having knowledge about which of your customers have similar pain points (and thus purchased the product or service you are selling) is a great way to help your prospect realize how your solution will be a fit.


These steps can be accomplished quickly with our ProsperVue app for Salesforce.  The app shows your Salesforce data visually on a map. It also shows links to the information in the above six steps for Salesforce contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities. Our customers say that the app helps inside sales reps to do fast basic research before each call, helping them be more prepared.

If you have other tips that are useful, share them in the comments. How do you go about your pre-call checklist? What’s worked for you?

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