Dreamforce ’16 ProsperVue design sprint session | ProsperFleet by Valgen

Dreamforce ’16 ProsperVue design sprint session

Code Science & Valgen's ProsperVue: Design Sprint at Dreamforce '16

A design sprint is a rapid prototyping of advanced concepts. It’s development in only days when it would otherwise take months.

For ProsperVue, a Visual Sales Acceleration product on the AppExchange, this design sprint will showcase the transformation of the product to:

  • Accelerate usage, time to install and adoption
  • Accelerate predictive AI and geo insights
  • Accelerate sales process alignment

Alongside CodeScience, Valgen’s ProsperVue staff will show how to implement a product into your Salesforce CRM, get early and quick feedback, iterate the design and create a market-ready product with real results.

During Dreamforce ’16 on Friday, October 7th from 9:00 am – noon, learn how ProsperVue was transformed during a 5-day interactive workshop with CodeScience.  The design sprint will enhance product features to surpass the competition, including:

  • First ever 90 sec post-install configuration wizard, exclusive to ProsperVue
  • Advanced analytics and A.I. for sales acceleration
  • New map interface and UI design built on Lightning

Valgen’s CEO, Parth Srinivasa, will present the customer problems we are solving, and the new process and solutions that the design sprint has achieved – live, on stage – along with CodeScience.

Dreamforce Session: ISV Design Sprint Boot Camp: Iterate Solutions with Rocket Speed & Real Results

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