Lightning Strikes ProsperVue

Lightning strikes ProsperVue (and it’s all good!)

Salesforce Lightning ProsperVue

The ProsperVue release announced at Dreamforce 2016 will now support the Salesforce Lightning Experience. This long-awaited user interface update comes on the heels of a complete product transition to a visual sales accelerator, to support the growing needs of ProsperVue subscribers who are looking to utilize mapping for lead generation. The Lightning design will also showcase new functionality geared towards A.I., predictive analytics, dashboards and intuitive search menus.

Subscribers on the new interface will experience updated styling including sleek buttons, intuitive windows and a clean design. Overall the new look and feel brings a modern update to the app that our customers already love.

The transition to the new Lightning version of ProsperVue will be in November 2016, and will immediately become available on the AppExchange for 15-day trial and 90-second setup.  All current ProsperVue subscribers will be automatically upgraded and activated in production.

The main updates to the app with the Lightning look are:

  • ProsperVue with multiple tabs in Salesforce
  • New Pin design to enhance visibility, color coding and recognition
  • Pre-built Segmentation supporting AI and predictive analytics
  • Expanded lead profile window
  • Interaction history view
  • New dashboard interface
  • Updated map views and interface

Subscribers who experience ProsperVue in Lightning will be able to map their objects instantly while still maintaining their pre-established standard functionality.

Be the first to check out the ProsperVue lightning experience on the AppExchange and start mapping your sales acceleration today.

See complete details about this app for Salesforce.

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