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Filters - National/Local

You have a choice of whether you get one headquarter company record, or information about some or all of a company’s locations with fleets:

National - Companies

Best choice if you sell nationally or regionally.

Search Parent Headquarters, Headquarters, and Standalone (single location) companies. Credits are based on the Companies total.

You will get one record for a company with the total fleet counts for the entire company.

Local - Locations

Best choice if you sell in a state or locally. (For benefits of local data, see this article –> More Fleet Locations = More Sales to Local Fleets)

Search all company locations: Parent Headquarters, Headquarters, Branches, Affiliates (franchises), and Standalone (single location) companies. Credits are based on the Locations total.

You can get all or some company locations. Fleet data at each location will be included.

Location + Headquarter Settings

In Settings, the Account Admin can choose whether users download only the location records, or whether users download locations plus the headquarters records.

If you choose to also download the headquarters record with total company fleet counts, this will use an additional credit.

National Local Settings
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